Fertilization: An Epic Tale of Triumph and Failure

I was on Babycenter today and in the right sidebar, a video was playing, muted (THANK YOU, Babycenter! I hate automatically playing, loud videos!)

I hadn’t seen this particular video before, so I thought I would turn on the sound.

Oh dear.

This is like, sperm meets egg, Braveheart style. Except, you know, the winner actually survives…yeah, I can’t think of another movie that’s just as epic in which the warrior lives.

Die Hard?

Anyway, the narration made me laugh, so I just had to share. But it also just goes to show you how incredibly difficult it is for that one sperm to make it!

Note: Unless you have headphones in and/or are alone  and/or are a health teacher showing this to your Sex Ed class, this might not be safe for work, as it includes the “V” word.


I can’t embed the video, so click the image above to be taken to BabyCenter.

And remember, YOU are one in tens of millions!

Fun (perhaps embarrassing) Fact: Now you know how Champ got his nickname.

MISconceptions and Mr. Style

It’s one of those crazy summers—the kind where we have no idea what is going to happen in two months so we are planning, planning, planning, but all we can do is wait and trust. The Lord has always taken care of us, from when LT and I were best friends trying desperately NOT to fall in love with each other, to a long-distance courtship and engagement, to a wedding during a blizzard in Minnesota, to finding out we made a honeymoon love child, to surviving our first deployment, and most recently facing infertility, joblessness, and homelessness.

It’s been a crazy ride, that’s for sure. You can imagine the stress as we try to figure out where we are moving, what we will be doing, and where we will be living. All this planning and praying doesn’t leave much time to blog about the mom life, especially when most of my thoughts over the past nine months have been about everyday failures at being a mother and housewife, not to mention being depressed about not being able to procreate, especially since it was too easy the first time.

Our faith has sustained us. Since the first day of our marriage, we prayed that we would have children in God’s timing, not ours. His timing seems to always be different than ours, yet we do not regret our prayers. His timing and his will are infinitely greater than ours. What would I do without Little Champ brightening every day? He is my little sunshine—what a blessing he is.

Mr. Style combing his hair

We look forward to meeting another blessing in God’s timing. Through many months of failed pregnancy tests and false pregnancy symptoms, I’ve finally learned to surrender. Christian surrender is not like the surrender of the world. Without faith, my surrender would lead to hopelessness. With my faith, my surrender leads to hopeful trust in the Lord.

My prayer for other couples trying to conceive is that you would surrender to hope, trusting that if you love the Lord and are faithful to him, he will give you what is best for you. When I get what I want, things turn out okay. When I get what God wants for me, things turn out perfectly.

My prayer for others who face a big, convoluted chaos of a summer—that God would lift the clouds of confusion and bring you clarity so you can see just enough of his plan to move forward.

Dear reader, expect my posts this summer to be few and far between. This fall, I hope to pick up again and give you updates on our new home and LT’s new job (LT will not be an LT anymore!). I’ll try to get back to posting once a week, either tutorials or updates or photos. If we buy a house, expect to see lots of before-and-afters! If you really miss Little Champ and Wifosaurus that much, be sure to subscribe so you will be notified of our life changes when they occur, or Like Bewildered Mother on Facebook, or follow me on Pinterest.

Note: This post has taken a Christian turn! I do not hide my beliefs because it is a major part of who I am. This blog is primarily about being a mother and wife. It isn’t a blog about Christianity, but one might consider it a Christian blog simply for the fact that a Christian is writing it. I do occasionally blog on biblical topics here.
If you are not a Christian, please be assured that I will not try to force my views upon you—if Jesus didn’t shove religion down people’s throats, then who am I to do such a thing? I’ll do my best to be loving no matter your background. I ask that my readers would be respectful to each other, even if you disagree on politics or religion. Disrespect is not allowed on my blog, and I will take action to remove or block comments if necessary.