Parent-Shaming & Mom-Shaming—Has Our Culture of Guilt Gotten Out of CONTROL?

I feel like I could have written this same post, and I’ll bet some of my readers will feel the same way. My children don’t have neighborhood friends available to play with them, either! We have to schedule a play date a month in advance!

One thing that has helped me to get over the perfectionist tendencies (at least as far as being a housewife) is visiting other families’ homes. The most well-adjusted kids I knew in North Carolina lived in houses that were messy, with moms who cared more about their children exploring and creating than about scheduling rigorous activities and having magazine-worthy homes. Now, I leave the scribbles on the wall, and I hope I can encourage other moms to be content with progress (baby steps), not perfection.

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Image via Hyperbole and a Half Image via Hyperbole and a Half

It has been a weird couple of months. We had our family business move and then Spawn (my 5 year old) was REALLY ill back in March. Ill to the point of a middle of the night ER visit. Hubby and I didn’t sleep for over a month. And now, I am trying to get back in the groove and I just don’t want to.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.16.29 AM

I don’t want to be a grownup. I want to color and make a blanket fort. And YES I feel guilty for being a horrible wife and a bad mother.

On some level, I believe all women struggle with guilt, and, when we become mothers, I think the condition only worsens. I was a very different person before I married and had my son. I was always dressed impeccably, had my hair done once a month, and never missed…

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