Maternity Photos

The problem with springtime in Minnesota is that it is completely unpredictable (if it even exists at all). So either we were going to take the photos in the snow, in the mud, or in the dead grass.

Oh, it’s still March, I said. Let’s wait until April, I said. Then we can take maternity pictures outside in bright short sleeve T-shirts and rain boots, I said.

I had this grandiose idea of taking our Maternity photos with rain boots and umbrellas against the skyline of the city.

Then the day came.

And it looked like this:


I had a few ideas, which continually got shot down by weather or fear of overcrowding or traffic. Finally I got the idea of a library.


Half the time was spent chasing Champ up and down the aisles of books, but we did get some good photos. Thanks to LindseyMarie Photography for capturing the day and being so flexible!


That blur of Champ’s hand was pointing to where the baby is.


FYI, Kids can’t run away madly when perched atop daddy’s shoulders.


Most photos were achieved only with leftover Easter candy, which Champ shoved into his cheeks like a chipmunk.mat4









The computers were also a big help in distracting the little wild man.








Phy Ed at home— exercise and play for kids of all ages

While watching a clip of gymnastics on Sesame Street with Little Champ, I really started to wish I could get him into tumbling, not just at a gymnastics class, but at home, too.

This innocent internet search snowballed into an entire Pinterest board of tumbling, obstacle, and sports equipment.

I don’t know about you, but as a child, I loved playing outside and going to Phy Ed. I was pretty active and played lots of sports and games. In Pre-K through elementary school, I played baseball and football (yes, though I am a girl), soccer and basketball. I loved jump roping, and won ribbons on feild day for football throwing, hula hooping, and the limbo contest.

Then middle school happened—sports became about winning, not about exercising or having fun. The girls on my soccer and basketball teams were EXTREMELY competitive and catty, only passing to the girls who were the fastest or tallest. Being one of the shortest girls in my grade, I didn’t get the ball very often.

I stopped playing sports, and any time I exercised, it felt like a monotonous chore. Even dance parties started to get old. But I’ve always enjoyed playing outdoor games with family and friends. We are still competitive—our family games are known for cheating—but it isn’t about winning, it’s about having fun as a family.

Back to the internet search: I compiled a bunch of equipment for sports, agility, obstacle courses, and toddler tumbling. I’m hoping to use these as ideas for summer activities with the family.

(I just hope my Marine doesn’t get too military with the little ones…or me)

You can preview all of the items I collected, read reviews, and even purchase them through Amazon on this cool little store I created as an Amazon Affiliate. You aren’t buying the items from me; you are buying them from Amazon. But for referring you to Amazon, I get a couple pennies if you purchase anything through the “shop.” That’s the disclaimer. I’m not doing this for profit—I created the shop for your convenience. But yes, it is possible for me to make a dollar or two.

Click on the image below to be taken to the shop in a new window. I love the gymnastics equipment. I’m wondering if there are some DIY tutorials out there. Where I live, foam is REALLY EXPENSIVE, so I’m not sure how much money I’d save doing DIY. I’ll have to check out craigslist or something for used ones!

As for the scooters, I did find a DIY tutorial for you:

Click the adorable child to be taken to the tutorial on

I’m excited to get out and play with my son, husband, and cousins this summer!

What were your favorite games or activities in Gym or PE? This summer, how are you going to play with your kids or family outdoors or in?