Best Free Podcasts for Kids

After a week of sickness and another week of catching up on work from said week of illness, I have been more lax than usual about Little Champ’s screen time. I can’t tell you how many times he’s replayed the ending of Rio or the prison break scene in Kung Fu Panda 2 or the entirety of Winnie the Pooh on my mobile phone.

It’s going to take a bit to break him of his new addiction, but today I took a few moments to find some kid-friendly video podcasts and story book podcasts to add to my phone, since I’ll be removing his entertaining, but not particularly educational, movies.

I found one blog post with a list of the blogger’s favorite audio podcasts to listen to while traveling. Click here for the post. All of the podcasts listed are also available on itunes, so while you could click through the links and search for their links to a specific itunes page, it’s easier to just do a search IN iTunes for those podcasts. I subscribed to all of those podcasts and downloaded a few extras. Note, when searching for Big Story Time, search for “bigstorytime” and you’ll find the podcast. I’m especially excited for Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, which is indie music for kids. Champ isn’t used to audio podcasts, so I’ll start playing these in the mornings while getting his breakfast ready. We have some of the books read in BigStoryTime, so we’ll flip through the books while listening to those ones.

Sesame Street has FREE VIDEO PODCASTS. This is what I’m hoping will satisfy Little Champ’s desire for visual stimulation while also stimulating that brain of his.

Nick Jr. has free video podcasts, too, but when browsing through, it looked like half of the videos were trailers for television shows (Please.) I did download a few Blue’s Clues shorts and the Clean Up Song, with a couple others, but I didn’t subscribe.

iTunes also has a series of Winnie the Pooh shorts! Pooh’s Game and Pooh Meets Tigger are both free. Others are $2. Each short is about 2:30 long, some longer. Eeyore’s house is $10 and also two and a half minutes, so I’d suggest downloading the free ones while you can and wait to see if the others lower in price!

I’ll test out the podcasts and get back with a review. I also downloaded a few more free apps for the kiddo, so once we test those out, I’ll post my favorite toddler apps as well!

Wish me luck as I wean this kid from extended screen time back to a decent amount.

What are your favorite apps or podcasts for kids? Or have you been more successful in shielding your child from entertainment than I?

May Day! (Free Printable)

Have you ever left May Baskets on a friend’s doorstep on the First of May?

Usually May Baskets are filled with treats or flowers. You put them on the doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run away. Apparently the tradition is that if the person catches you, you exchange a kiss.

Well this year, I decided to make little goodie bags for all of the houses on our street, all 29 of them. I filled treat bags with candy and inserted a little card that had a Bible verse on the front, and on the back, an invitation for all the neighbors to come to our house the last Saturday of the month so everyone can get to know each other in a casual environment. (We’ll have a bounce house for the kids).

I’m still filling the treat bags, but thought I’d put the printable up for you in case you’d like one for yourself or would like to do something nice for your friends or neighbors this May Day. You could even have a little office May Day :)

Click the image to download. Each sheet has 9 cards.

Dedicate a song to your Valentine!

Aaaaaah I haven’t blogged in a week, and Valentine’s Day is next week!

Remember the blog where I asked you about getting free music? Well, I think that I have figured out how I can do it, but (waves hands around mysteriously)ALL WILL BE REVEALED next week…

Until then, Here’s my  ♥Valentine♥  to all of you dear readers!

  1. Comment below with your and your sweetie’s  song (or any luuuuuurve song you like).
  2. Together, we will create a Valentine’s Day playlist. But that’s not all!!!!
  3. I’ll pick a couple songs from your list, do an a capella cover of  as many songs as I have time to record (sorry, the only instrument I have any skill with is my larynx), and post the songs on Monday, on my blog.

You get a free Valentine’s Day Playlist out of the deal, as well as a free MP3!

I am excited. I hope you are, too. Post as many songs as you want.

Also, tell your friends. I might choose their song!

Hint: If you include a sweet story about why that’s your song, I may be more likely to choose it.
Also hint: I really can’t stand do country music justice. If you give me a country song, it won’t sound like country when I’m done with it.