Fertilization: An Epic Tale of Triumph and Failure

I was on Babycenter today and in the right sidebar, a video was playing, muted (THANK YOU, Babycenter! I hate automatically playing, loud videos!)

I hadn’t seen this particular video before, so I thought I would turn on the sound.

Oh dear.

This is like, sperm meets egg, Braveheart style. Except, you know, the winner actually survives…yeah, I can’t think of another movie that’s just as epic in which the warrior lives.

Die Hard?

Anyway, the narration made me laugh, so I just had to share. But it also just goes to show you how incredibly difficult it is for that one sperm to make it!

Note: Unless you have headphones in and/or are alone  and/or are a health teacher showing this to your Sex Ed class, this might not be safe for work, as it includes the “V” word.


I can’t embed the video, so click the image above to be taken to BabyCenter.

And remember, YOU are one in tens of millions!

Fun (perhaps embarrassing) Fact: Now you know how Champ got his nickname.


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