To read all of my pregnancy-related posts, click here. Note that I blogged more about pregnancy back in 2010, when I was pregnant with Little Champ. When I was pregnant with Lion, Champ was a toddler, so I blogged a little about the pregnancy and a little about life with a toddler.

I’ve had several miscarriages. The first and worst was in  2012. We had been trying for months to get pregnant, only to have a miscarriage after hearing the heartbeat the first time. Soon after, Lion was conceived.

More than a year after Lion was born—after emergency room visits, many more months of unbalanced hormones, doctor visits, and pain—I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and a thyroid disorder. I’ve had a few more early miscarriages. We don’t plan on having more biological children, although I’m not ruling out another miracle.

Currently we are in the process of trying to adopt a preteen–teen girl from the foster care system.