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About Freebies

This is a not-for-profit blog. I don’t get paid to blog.* I do it for fun. I like to think of it as a pensieve—a place where I drain all of my thoughts and interests.

Another thing I like to do for fun, when time allows, is to give away free stuff. Because I like free stuff, I’m guessing you do, too. After all, we must have something in common if you are here, reading my blog.

I have a ton of interests. And while this blog is primarily about my adventures of momdom, I’m not just a mom. First, I’m a practicing Christian. Next, I’m a wife. Then I’m a mom. But I’m also a writer and graphic designer, and I like music and movies and drawing (when I get the chance). So sometimes, because this is my blog, I’ll post about my interests or my faith. My freebies will often relate to parenting or these other topics.

Help keep the freebies coming!

If you especially enjoy one of the freebies that appears on the blog and would like to help me create more, consider leaving a “tip” of a dollar or more by clicking on the Tips Jar on the right sidebar.

It looks like this!

You can also give me a “tip” by leaving a comment below with your ideas for freebies. I can’t guarantee I can do everything, but I can guarantee I’ll consider it!


*Note: if you ever happen to see ads on my page, that’s because WordPress sometimes displays ads to non-members. I am not paid for those ads, but WordPress is. I like WordPress, and they are an amazing, free blogging platform, so I can understand why sometimes they need to show ads. You usually won’t see ads from them on my blog, but if you do, and you don’t want to see any more, then you can create a free WordPress account and you’ll never see one again. If you see an inappropriate ad, first try refreshing the page. Then let me know your concern. If I hear from readers about inappropriate ads, then I can pay a yearly fee to have them completely eliminated. I want my blog to be safe for work, and I take your concerns to heart! 

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