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It’s a classic story: Girl meets Boy in airport on their way to the UK, Girl and Boy are both studying King Arthur and do Very Important Research together, Girl and Boy explore castles and act silly, Girl and Boy become best friends. (That’s not a classic story? Oh, well, it will be by the time my kids hear it for the 900th time.)


Click photo to read our love story.

Boy and Girl try to repress romantic feelings for each other, Boy tells girl he loves her, Boy graduates college and joins the Marine Corps, Girl writes him letters daily.


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The Lieutenant proposes, they share their first kiss, they get married, and then…


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Wifosaurus finds herself unexpectedly expecting a honeymoon baby! Champ is born in the Autumn of 2010. Momdom commences.


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Lieutenant deploys to Afghanistan for seven months. Wifosaurus keeps busy with Champ and far, far too much volunteering.


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Military budget cuts announce that half of the officers will be laid off, and Lieutenant is one of them, but he still promotes to Captain. The year is filled with the stresses of transition back into civilian life, school applications, job hunting, house hunting, moving to Minnesota, and a miscarriage. Neville (the dog) is adopted in August. The family rejoices that finally Wifosaurus has another viable pregnancy.

2013Captain begins a second semester of his new degree in Engineering and gets a part time job. Wifosaurus potty trains Champ. Baby Lion is due in the Spring!

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