We’re buying a house!

Captain and I have been house-hunting for a while. I can’t believe we’ve been renting this home for almost 3 years! I just assumed we wouldn’t be here very long, so besides the epic 3-day Unpacking of 2012, I haven’t settled in much since then. Photos still sit in boxes in closets, and I haven’t painted a wall since we lived aboard Camp Lejeune.

We wanted to move for a few reasons:

1) Captain’s commute is killer. It’s not as bad as when we lived off base and he had to drive on and off base, but it is not ideal.

2) This house is too big. Yeah, First World Problems—I get it. But this house has too many rooms for the kids to destroy mess up make memories in. I can’t keep up with the housework. Once the kids are old enough to reach the counters without throwing dishes or dumping water on the floor, maybe we can go bigger. The other problem with having more space is wanting to fill it with junk. If you’re following me on Facebook, you know my goals for 2015 are simplifying and organizing. A smaller house with less stuff will help.

3) We’re a really antisocial family here. It was a huge culture shock moving from base housing, where 80% of the wives had kids and stayed home with them, to an established neighborhood with zero little boys for my dudes to play with. There’s one family we’ll miss, especially this summer, but moving will help us to be more central to our friends and family.

I looked at thousands—literally, thousands—of Twin Cities houses online before we started searching. Of course my favorite houses were already pending sales before we were ready to look! Others wouldn’t accept VA loans. My great aunt is a real estate agent, and she has been so helpful guiding us through the process, connecting us with a military loan specialist who got us pre-approved without any problems, and negotiating a deal.

We quickly learned that we wouldn’t find the “perfect house” with our price range, so we’d have to make some sacrifices. We eliminated houses on busy roads. We wanted a safe backyard for the boys to play in. We wanted 2 bedrooms and an office space, with extra bedrooms or room to expand when our family grows. We wanted a basement (not hard in Minnesota, but very rare where I come from in Colorado). We liked houses with character, but we knew we probably wouldn’t be able to find one in the neighborhoods where we were looking.

Well, we found one! We put an offer in on a little 1920s farmhouse, it was accepted, the inspection is on Wednesday, and if everything goes well, we’ll take the keys (Skeleton keys!) in April and move in through May.

Of course I’ll be blogging about it. All my house Pins have been leading up to this moment! Follow our journey on Facebook, block me on Pinterest if you don’t want me clogging your feed, and stay tuned here.

paint colors

Up next: Paint Colors. I wanted a coastal neutral color scheme, but we want to keep some of the historical integrity of the house (like its dark wood trim), so I’ve got to figure out how to make them work together (hint: a lot of blue greens).

Disregard the carpet—it’s our landlord’s and will stay with this house.

We do not have a home blogger budget, so I expect it will take some time before our house is anywhere close to Apartment-Therapy-ready, but that means everything we do will also be doable for many of you.

Stalk my color search on Pinterest. I’ll blog a bit on my method for choosing colors, but you’ll have to wait a few months before you’ll see any pictures of the new farmhouse. We haven’t even closed yet! Who knows what’ll happen.


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