Geek Kid Costumes

This is my 200th post! It’s also the end of October, so I figured I’d commemorate by featuring my kids’ geeky costumes through the years.

2010—Doctor Who, Star Wars

Only a month old, and I subjected the kid to two different costumes.

His hair was pretty Tennant-y, so our #1 was #10…the tenth Doctor


The Captain and I wanted to be Han Solo and Princess Leia for Halloween, so I made Champ an Ewok costume, too.



I am no good at sewing, so most of these are no-sew. The pants from 2010–2011 were sewn, crappily by me, in an idiotic fashion. Basically I made no allowance for my poor child’s rear end, so the pants never fit over his bum. In 2012 (see below), I found a pair of pants from a thrift store. They were a size too small and had flowers embroidered on the back pockets, but they worked.


In 2011, my neighbor and I thought it would be cute to take Champ and E out trick-or-treating together and do matching costumes. I can’t remember how we cam up with the idea, but we decided on Aladdin and Jasmine. E already had the cute headband, so I rifled through Target clearance for mint-colored clothes for her and fashioned a bikini top, and then cut out a vest and sewed two quick fezzes for Aladdin and Abu. It was chilly, so we put them in white layers to keep warm and modest (I had no luck finding skin-toned shirts!).



I got this shirt for Champ from Woot Shirt when it was the shirt of the day. (You can get your own here!) The wig and pants came from a thrift store, the cloak was just a piece of fleece I tied around him, and the feet were tan socks pulled over his boots with fake fur hot glued to the top.



2013—Sherlock and John (from BBC’s Sherlock)

Now that I’ve got two little ones, and it’s probably the last year I can choose Champ’s costume myself, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to dress them up from my favorite show, BBC’s Sherlock.

If you are familiar with the fandom (which is completely insane due to prolonged hiatuses of the show), you might be aware of the animal comparisons between the main actors, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, to animals—an otter and a hedgehog, respectively. See Benedict otters here and Martin hedgehogs here.

So I decided to make my baby John a hedgehog and my Pre-K Sherlock part otter. Here were the results:


John: baby snowsuit + fake fur + sweater vest.

Sherlock: Hat from Amazon, colored grey; wig from thrift store; Old Navy jacket; scarf we owned; sewn pants and tail.


John after the Reichenbach fall.

sherlock2 copy

This kid is seriously a champ.

I’m hoping next year I can convince Champ that he really wants to be C-3PO so I can make Lion R2-D2. But he’s a cool kid, so whatever he picks is probably going to be awesome.

2014 update

Champ was four, old enough to pick his own costume, and he wanted to be Mike the Knight. So we went as a medieval family. I purchased all the costumes, since Captain had returned from a four-month long training just a few weeks before.

halloween 2014  2014 kids

2015 update

Champ was five, Lion was two, and they both wanted to be their favorite super heroes: Iron Man and Captain America, respectively. For the Denver Comic Con, Capt was also Captain America, and I was Agent Peggy Carter. For Halloween, we got Champ the Iron Man suit costume.



March Madness for Geeks

Star Wars has created a March Madness-inspired bracket tournament using its famous canon of characters.

The Dark Side was easy to figure out, but the Light Side got pretty tricky near the end. So tricky, that Captain and I disagreed on several accounts (there was much discussion on “geek cred” and who had the most fan fiction, and who nerdy boys liked the most, and who was too “mainstream”). So we ended up making two different brackets. Here’s ours.

(If you want to create your own before viewing ours, check out the blank bracket here on I just used Photoshop to hastily create ours.)

Voting begins March 18th, and the “winner” will be announced April 9th.

Here’s the Captain’s. He can tell you the name of any starship / vehicle in the 6 movies just from the sound effects. This man is legit in his geekery. Click to enlarge.

Capt bracket

Here’s my bracket. Han Solo was my very first crush, people (you’ll see I’m a bit biased towards him). I think the new trilogy is a waste of time (except for the scenes with R2 or Obi-Wan), but Clone Wars is okay. I’m on Pinterest,, ThinkGeek, and Wookiepedia more than my husband, so I argued from a marketing standpoint and tried to get into the brain of the average geek that would be voting every day online. It’s a dangerous place to venture.

Are you going to vote? Honestly, I’d pick R2 and Han Solo, and then Han would win, but that’s because I’m me. But this brackets business is a whole different game.

Anyway, I’ll likely forget to vote. Hopefully I’ll remember to check the results on April 9th, but that will just be to see who was right out of the Captain and myself :)