“Diary of a Bewildered Mother” is a blog about adventures into the strange and magical land of motherhood.

Our Family

commencing momdom.


I’m the wifosaurus and bewildered mother.

When I am not loving on my husband or chasing my toddler and puppy around, I’m also a freelance writer and graphic designer.

I post about my interests on Pinterest. You can follow me here.

I also like to give away free stuff on my blog when I can.

Sorry, ladies. This one’s mine.


I married my best friend, a United States Marine, in 2009.

We like being nerds together. Now he’s a Captain and he’s going back for a second degree, this time in Mechanical Engineering.

(If you are wondering why I refered to him as “LT,” it’s because it’s short for “my lieutenant,” which has way too many vowels in it to be typing it so often)

eat your heart out, Gerber baby.

The cute one

We welcomed our first child, a baby boy, in the autumn of 2010.

We call him “little champ.”

He likes to jump and make faces. He’s just a tish melodramatic. I don’t know where he gets that from…


aka Good Sir Fluffbutt

The fluffy one

We adopted Neville Shortquarters in August 2012, after we moved from North Carolina to Minnesota. “Neville” means “New Town.” It is also the name of the most awesome character Ms. Rowling has ever created.

Neville is a purebred Havanese showpup. Once he makes Champion in a show, he will sire other adorable, non-shedding, hypoallergenic pups. Read about our adoption and why we invested in a purebred puppy here.

Guest Appearances

Humans. So hard to find good help these days.

The one with no thumbs

Henry. His legal name is actually Henry V, though we should have called him King George on account of his madness. Still, he tries to live up to his name, since it means “ruler of the home.”

We had to part with the adorably deranged Henry in 2011 when he attacked Little Champ without provocation. He now has a new mommy and daddy and kitty brother.


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