The Minimalist’s Field Guide to Baby Crap

Hilarious and perfect.

This is a post about baby crap type stuff so feel free to move along to other activities if this is of zero interest to you. But even though there are already 9 zillion similar posts floating around on the internet (and I probably bookmarked them all), I REALLY find them helpful so wanted to contribute to the vast library on this subject. Also because I expended too much time out of my life reading Amazon reviews on all this stuff, so hopefully this digest can spare someone else that drudgery.

I knew I didn’t want to get a ton of baby stuff– 1.  Our house is small 2.  Ain’t nobody got disposable income for that and 3.  Clutter is the fastest way to take me from Peaceful Zen Mother to Raging Psycho Hyena Dina Lohan Mother.  So these were all very deliberate investments chosen because they brought maximum utility…

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