Top 5 Posts of 2013

It’s been a crazy year with few updates from me here on the blog, but it looks like that didn’t matter much, given that Bewildered Mother got 54,000 views in 2013! Thanks to everyone who shared a post on Pinterest or Facebook. Y’all tempt me to try blogging for a living!

But I still prefer quality over quantity, which is why you don’t hear from me much. I’m an introvert, remember? I’m also a work-from-home mom of 2, so I’m much more likely to post a few words on Facebook or link to someone else’s views on subjects I’m thinking about, rather than regurgitating them on my own blog. I have 24 posts in my drafts folder right now! We’ll see if I can get organized enough this year to carve a chunk of blogging time each week. I’m sure you’re dying to hear about my thoughts on feminism, self-esteem, downsizing, and prayer.

I’ve just become keenly aware of how loud the ticking clock in my office is. I think I’d prefer crickets. Too cold for crickets.

And now I’m starting to talk about the weather. Wow. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

#1—Potty Training in One Day: Day Zero (Preparation)


This will probably remain my top-viewed post, ever, thanks to Pinterest. Yes, I potty trained a then-2-year-old Champ in about 1.5 days.

A month later, he went to preschool for 3 weeks, and the teachers NEVER TOOK HIM POTTY. You can imagine the consequences. (I really don’t want to think or talk more about that terrible, terrible place.) Once I got him over a few new phobias, Lion was born, and I was nursing around the clock. Some days were awful. Some days were good. Some times he forgot, sometimes he refused to go, sometimes he just wanted more attention.

Champ is 3 now, and he very occasionally has accidents. We keep him in a cloth diaper or even a pull-up at night (the latter especially when we are traveling), but he wakes up dry, unless a babysitter gave him something to drink right before bed, or he was dying of thirst (he’s pretty melodramatic at times—gets it from my side). TV is the biggest distraction because he watches shows on Netflix, which doesn’t pause for more than 15 seconds between episodes, let alone stops for commercial/potty breaks.

All of that is to say, there will be obstacles. Note, also, that many children have little or no control of their bladder overnight even if they are trained during the day. 1 out of 10 seven-year-olds still wet the bed. Be patient, be loving, be kind. Potty-training is an opportunity to grow as a family through difficult times.

I do still think that this method WORKS, and it’s the method I’ll follow in 18 months when I’m training Lion.

Other posts in this potty-training series technically made the top 5 posts of 2013, but for the sake of THIS post, the rest of my “top 5 of 2013” will feature independent posts.

#2—Grace for the Introverted Mom


This post is only a few weeks old and is already the #2 post of the year and #4 post of all time here on Diary of a Bewildered Mother. I’m so glad I’m not the only introverted mom to feel this way! We should make T-shirts or something. And by “we,” I mean someone else besides “me” if it’s ever going to get done this decade.

#3–Surviving the Third Trimester

restless legs

Written 10 days before Lion was born, this post features home remedies for common ailments like water retention, swelling, carpal tunnel, itchy skin, restless legs, and heartburn.

#4—Geek Kid Costumes


In which I review the geeky costumes I have subjected my family to since 2010.

#5—Speakeasy Gender Reveal Party


Details about Lion’s 1920s-themed Gender Reveal Party.

Soon, it will be my 4-year-anniversary on the blog! Hard to believe it’s already been 4 years since my newlywed husband and I decided to make a late-night drugstore run and got the first shock (of many to come) in our marriage. Eventually I’ll compile a list of all the posts of 2013 for you, like I did with the other years (see the top navigation menu of my blog—the archives). I’ll also post my motto for 2014. But, you know, if I never get to it, you can find my 2014 motto on my Facebook page.

Till then, I’ll leave you with my…

Top Non-2013 Post of All Time: Daily Mom and Toddler Schedule (2012)

I recently updated this schedule with some notes from me. Why yes, I do have a preschool schedule! Thanks for asking. I’ll post it as soon as we actually implement it successfully, which is to say, probably never, because I’m an INTP and can’t keep to a schedule to save my life.

I created all these great alarms for my phone, to alert me to when to start each subject, but I didn’t make them the right file format. Also, my office / the classroom is still functioning as a storage room, so we have no place to work.

It’s on my list.


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