July 2013

Okay, some of these were still June.


My boys.july12b

The boys’ first Twin’s game (they both loved it!)


Lion doing a little dance to celebrate being 8 weeks old

My cousins being a bad influence on my child…July15

Two months old!July14

with big brotherJuly13

Captain and I got to see Much Ado About Nothing! I loved it.July12This is how wild our home gets on Friday nights. We have friends over and draw with our feet and wear Santa hats.


Champ got a whole new outfit. Ends justify the means? You really don’t want me explaining how he “earned” an entire new outfit when we were out shopping.July10

Baby bluesJuly9

Champ and Lion, A Comparison.
Top: Lion in 2013. Bottom: Champ in 2010. Left: initial reaction to Jumperoo. Right: upon noticing the blue tree frog

It’s been obvious to me since birth that my sons are both completely different, yet completely ours. Lion looks like my side, seems to be more linguistically inclined, yet has the temperament of his father. Champ looks like his dad, has the same engineering mind, but gets his melodramatics from me.

Oh look, me as a baby. How did that get there?July7

One of my brothers with his look-alike nephew, Lion.july6

Obligatory mommy Instagram photos. Cute outfit, homemade strawberry sundaes, bright eyes, sleeping pose.july5

Three months old! On the left side: 1 week, 1 month, 2 months old

Another shot of the brothers. <3july3

My son, the geekiest, coolest toddler on the planet.july2

Lion discovers the iPhone is SHINY.july17You can buy Soothies pacifiers attached to beanbag animals. They are called Wubbanubs. I DIY’d it by sewing one onto a turtle stuffy. Keeps the pacifier in his mouth while he sleeps. Right photo: Exhibit A.


Aren’t these updates exciting? Yeah, it’s best if you don’t answer that. I haven’t had much time to blog, but there are plenty of fun little tidbits from my Facebook Page during my summer hiatus.


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