August 2013

August, the Captain was gone for 3 weeks in South Africa. If you have any familiarity with military wives, you know that when their Marine / soldier / sailor / Coastie / airman is gone, bad things happen. Remember in 2011 when he was deployed in Afghanistan? One of our cars exploded, the other’s A/C died, a trampoline hit our house, and our bedroom flooded.

He was only gone for three weeks, and yet we had trips to the ER AND Urgent care—for each child. Baby Lion jumped out of his uncle’s arms, falling headfirst onto the hardwood about 4-5 feet. He didn’t have a concussion (look for lack of crying, lethargy, sleepiness, and unable to focus eyes on your face or finger…I already knew about it from Champ’s many shenanigans). We did end up taking him to the ER later because he wouldn’t stop screaming. He was perfectly fine neurologically, he just had a headache for a couple days.

And then, not to be outdone by his baby brother, Champ ran straight into the corner of a metal beam in the basement of our church. During a bridal shower. Hordes of elderly women were scandalized.


It’s actually a bit of a miracle that he turned around last second and hit his forehead. If he would have hit it with the side of the head, he would have needed several stitches and possibly could have damaged his brain. But foreheads are thick, and there’s no hair there, so he just got surgical glue and walked away with a handful of stickers. aug2

The boy who lived.

Earlier this summer I watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Here Lion imitates Darcy—”I hate smiling. It contorts the face.”aug4

Captain came back and everyone was happy. Lion was so happy, he slept for, like, two days straight. And Champ was a little chatterbox. He wouldn’t stop talking. It was sweet to see how much a difference the Captain makes just by being around. aug5

Lion had many deep reflections. (Warning: if you have little girls present, you might want to avert their eyes from the cuteness that is that bottom left photo. This kid, I swear.)


Champ felt like a superhero.

And I was pretty much in heaven.aug9

Later I got new glasses.aug9b

Lion has already started ditching the camera.aug10

He met Sophie and it was love at first bite.


Champ got a bit jealous, I guess…aug12

Captain and I got to go on a date!aug13

Lion grew from 3 months (check out that smolder!) to 4 months.aug14And the boys acted like brothers.


4 thoughts on “August 2013

  1. It’s amazing how they can hit their forehead exactly between their eyes! Dylan did it when he was learning to walk and with the swelling it caused he looked like Wharf from Star Trek for about a week! lol I think your brothers have been tame compared to what you’re in for! ;)

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