June 2013

Hello out there! If there’s still an audience to my blog after such a hiatus, give me a couple weeks to catch up on this summer. If there isn’t an audience, I’m talking to myself again.

June, in snapshots from my phone


puzzle prodigy


Lion being analyticaljun3

Summer timejun4

Little readerjun5

2 months oldjun6

family day in the city, to Barnes & Noble, ice cream, and a toy store where we picked up Martin, a hedgehog puppet. We listened to Songza on the drive.


date nightjun8

my boysjun9


The garden, on the right track. Though now it’s September and we never actually planted anything besides the marigolds. It’s been dry and we’ve been busy.jun11

Two month old photo with Sir Hopsalotjun12

Hat knitted by our midwife’s momjun13

the many faces of Lionjun14

Neville Metamorphosis (we later trimmed the ears also)


a bunny visitorjun16

Champ downing a picklejun17the life of a newborn



4 thoughts on “June 2013

  1. I hope you understand how hard I laughed at the picture of Champ with the pickle. Because the excitement for the pickle is absolute.

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