10 on 10: April (with Easter photos)

I’m quite large and quite tired. You’ll have to forgive me for not having enough enthusiasm to actually put decent effort into editing these photos. The point is that I’m posting them, though, right?

First thing’s first—Easter morning. Champ’s “Easter Basket” consisted of sidewalk chalk, a ball for outside, and a lap desk I painted with DIY chalkboard paint. There’s a sponge eraser, too.


He enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt. So casual and dapper, no?


I got a picture of the dog wearing bunny ears. This took many attempts, people.aprilc

He got 2 baskets worth of eggs. You’d better believe we are rationing it like it’s the dust bowl over here.

Then we tested out the chalkboard.aprile

Did you know that sidewalk chalk comes pre-moistened? Super weird. It makes the colors go on smoothly and brightly, but also makes them nearly impossible to erase. So I suggest sticking to the plain chalkboard chalk for your chalkboards, unless you regularly want to wash the board with water.aprilf


We’ve been spending most of the rest of our time at home. I take a lot of photos during the month, but usually they’re off my phone, and I post them to my Facebook page.aprilg

We went to the wedding of one of my design clients. I’m really happy with how everything turned out! I’m even happier that I am taking a sabbatical from custom designs for the next few months. I’ll continue doing premade designs when I’ve got time for them this summer, after I’m done nesting and out of the zombie-phase of mothering a newborn.aprilh

After the wedding, the Captain and I went on our penultimate date, knowing that next week will be our last couple outing for a very, very long time. When I was in the bathroom, he snuck a photo of my salad. Strange and wonderful man.aprili


This weekend we are finally taking Maternity photos! Rainboots and superheroes are involved. I’m excited. Stay tuned for those photos next week or so.

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