Yesterday Champ, who has been very resistant to communication, and I had our first “conversation”!
He’s been obsessed with Police cars ever since about seven of them were outside our house a few weeks ago (another story).
I went through every aisle at our Walmart trying to find him a small police car, and couldn’t find a single one. Why does our society dislike the police so much? Police cars are awesome!

Anyway, the Captain’s brand new job in the Reserves is as a platoon commander of Military Police. So when Champ saw a police car on our way home from church (Captain was out training), I told Champ about his daddy’s new job.

“You know what? Daddy is going to be a police officer. He’s going to be MILITARY police.”
“No,” said Champ with a giggle.
“Yes! And daddy is going to get to drive a police car.”
“Yep. He is going to be a military police officer and drive a police car.”
“Mommy police car?”
“No, I’ll just drive this car. Daddy will drive a police car.”
He paused for a second, and then cheekily said, “Woofwoof police car.”
“No, Neville won’t drive a police car! That’s silly.”
We both laughed.
“Some dogs get to ride in police cars, but Neville is too little.” (And yellow-livered)
“Me police car?”
“Maybe daddy can let you ride in a police car sometime. But not as a criminal.”
“Yeah.” He looked out the window for a while. Then had to have the last line. “Woofwoof police car.”

Champ’s first conversation AND first joke. I love this kid. He’s finally taking an interest in talking with others, and I’m so proud!


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