March Madness for Geeks

Star Wars has created a March Madness-inspired bracket tournament using its famous canon of characters.

The Dark Side was easy to figure out, but the Light Side got pretty tricky near the end. So tricky, that Captain and I disagreed on several accounts (there was much discussion on “geek cred” and who had the most fan fiction, and who nerdy boys liked the most, and who was too “mainstream”). So we ended up making two different brackets. Here’s ours.

(If you want to create your own before viewing ours, check out the blank bracket here on I just used Photoshop to hastily create ours.)

Voting begins March 18th, and the “winner” will be announced April 9th.

Here’s the Captain’s. He can tell you the name of any starship / vehicle in the 6 movies just from the sound effects. This man is legit in his geekery. Click to enlarge.

Capt bracket

Here’s my bracket. Han Solo was my very first crush, people (you’ll see I’m a bit biased towards him). I think the new trilogy is a waste of time (except for the scenes with R2 or Obi-Wan), but Clone Wars is okay. I’m on Pinterest,, ThinkGeek, and Wookiepedia more than my husband, so I argued from a marketing standpoint and tried to get into the brain of the average geek that would be voting every day online. It’s a dangerous place to venture.

Are you going to vote? Honestly, I’d pick R2 and Han Solo, and then Han would win, but that’s because I’m me. But this brackets business is a whole different game.

Anyway, I’ll likely forget to vote. Hopefully I’ll remember to check the results on April 9th, but that will just be to see who was right out of the Captain and myself :)


2 thoughts on “March Madness for Geeks

  1. I was looking all over to see if anyone had posted a bracket, glad you two posted yours!

    I am a little surprised, though, to see neither of you crowning Vader at the top. I’m not sure if either of you understand the full power of the dark side…

    • Haha. My husband likes Yoda more, and I feel like Vader has gone too “mainstream” for some geeks to pick him as the winner. I think Boba Fett has still got the geek cred in his favor.

      If only women were voting, I’d say Han Solo would definitely win.

      If it were a “who would win in the battle” versus a popularity contest, I’d probably go with Vader for the win.

      On a completely different note, my toddler discovered some of our Star Wars toys today and Darth Vader was definitely his favorite. But Vader was also the only one with a felt cape, and our dog chewed off Luke’s lightsaber, so he was the only one with a lightsaber.

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