10 on 10: March

I think it was a few years back when I first came across a 10-on-10 post. I don’t remember the blog, but I remembered the concept: You post ten photos on the tenth of each month.


Today my photographer friend Alison published one of her own. She is doing 10-on-10 as a photography challenge. Alison and I share a due date this year, which means that by May 10, Lord willing, we will both add a baby boy to each of our families. You can check out Alison’s photography on her website and on Facebook.


This afternoon, the Captain and his brother decided to carve a massive snow fort into our front yard for Champ and Neville. Partly inspired by Alison, partly inspired by my husband and brother-in-law, and partly guilty for neglecting both this blog and my camera lately, I decided to dust off my SLR and snap a few.


With Instagram and a smart phone, I easily take more than 10 photos each month. Once Baby Lion is born and the cuteness in my life doubles, I’ll probably take even more photos. But there’s just something about taking photos with a real camera.


I don’t know if I’ll do a 10-on-10 post each month, though I certainly like the idea. This isn’t a photography blog, and honestly, I don’t have time to take photos like I used to, especially now that I’m getting ready to homeschool.  The pictures you’ll see on any given 10-on-10 post on this blog aren’t going to be works of photojournalistic art. I’m not going to spend time editing them. Some of them might be blurry, some will have terrible composition, but that’s not the point. The point is to enjoy time with my family and document those times, some of the time.


Anyway, I hope I’ll be back in April with another 10-on-10. Maybe we will have taken our maternity shots by then, in which case the photos wouldn’t even have been taken by me! And hopefully by May 10, I’ll have 100 10 photos of Baby Lion to share. But if it isn’t the 10th, I’ll post maternity and newborn pictures anyway :)



DSC_0387Did I mention this fort had a tunnel?





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