Speakeasy Gender Reveal Party

We decided to throw a Prohibition-era shindig celebrating my pregnancy. Originally it was going to be a gender reveal party, but some of us “slipped,” so we just had a rip-roarin’ time together!

Guests needed a password for entry. They came in via the kitchen through a back door, much like they would if they were going a real dig. (Speakeasies were covert bars that sprouted up during the prohibition era.)

Many of us dressed up in 1920s garb. We played cards, had drinks, and placed bets on Baby Lion’s stats. It was a night full of light carousing and a lot of fun.




The categories for betting were birth day, duration of labor, time of birth, AM or PM, weight, and length.


Guests needed tickets to place bets. They could purchase tickets or earn them by winning a card game, bringing food & snacks, or wearing 1920s clothing and accessories. My brother-in-law came prepared with an alias and fake business cards inspired by the Sylvester Stallone movie Oscar, which is seriously underrated and seriously funny.

speakeasy tickets

I included some information about Champ’s birth to help people make guesses. The Lion cookie jar below was where people deposited their tickets. I scored it for $2.50 at a thrift store! It’s going to hold keepsakes from Lion’s baby years.


I pulled out my typewriter in case anybody wanted to write notes to Champ and Lion.




We played two party games. The first was “Guess the Girth.” We passed around a ball of yarn and guests cut a length of yarn that they estimated would be the circumference of my baby bump. Hilarity ensued, as many guesses were much larger than I actually am. The winner got a ticket from each participant. I’ll have to get a photo of this from one of the guests.

For the second game, I passed out Play-Doh to everyone. They each had 2 minutes to sculpt “a baby.” The winner received 4 tickets. Runner up, 3. Second place, 2. Third place, 1. I awarded the grand prize to the creative interpretation.


Favors were homemade lollipops. These were quite an adventure, let me tell you.


But the best part of all was the photo booth. I saw a link to a bunch of 1920s photo props on Pinterest and created my own. Then we set up a curtain with a moon and stars, inspired by a photo from the 1920s I saw.


This photo was taken the morning after the party. The moon had fallen down! I’ll include the photo booth photos in the next post. I’ll include the gender of Baby Lion in yet another post. If you absolutely can’t wait, though, head over to my Facebook page to find out!


3 thoughts on “Speakeasy Gender Reveal Party

  1. WoW, very creative….Love this idea. We are going to our first gender reveal party for Walt’s niece in a few weeks and even though our niece is very creative I don’t think it will be like this one. Best wishes to you, your’s and your little one on the way.

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