My 3-Year Bloggiversary!

Three years ago today, I published my first post on Bewildered Mother, Those Two Little Blue Lines.

And boy, what a three years it has been! To commemorate, I created a timeline of all the posts from January 2010 until now. You can find the timeline up top in the menu. You can also find the individual pages for each year in that menu.


Seriously, go check out the timeline. I spent time on it and need validation.

I also updated the ABOUT on the blog to include Neville. I’ll update it again when Baby Lion is born or if something monumentally life changing happens (I kinda hope it won’t).

Top 5 posts of all time

#1—The Cure for Hangerphobia, 1-20-2012

In which I humiliate myself by piling all of the clothes that need to be hanged up on hangers onto my own body.

Could I BE wearing any more clothes?

#2—Pinwheels—the Addictive Finger Food, 12-29-11

In which I give recipes for twelve different varieties of the tortilla roll-up appetizer.

Ham and Green Onion Pinwheels

#3—Mommy DIY: Nursing Pads, 11-22-2010

In which I describe the complete waste (and possible alien origin) of disposable nursing pads, and then illustrate how five dollars can make enough nursing pads to last the rest of your baby-producing life.

Easy even for those who mistakenly call seamstresses “sewers.”

#4—Daily Mom and Toddler Schedule, 5-14-2012

In which I am laughably unrealistic.

(This schedule did work well for a while, and I intend to pick up on it again SOON. Moving over the summer, followed by a 1st trimester of pregnancy, followed by job searching, has basically thrown any sense of schedule out of the window. I owe my sanity to PBS. I finally have a chiming clock, so it should be easier for me to keep on track.)

#5—Potty Training in One Day: Day Zero (Preparation), 1-19-13

In which I talk about the prep work that went into getting my 2 year old potty trained. Be sure to read Day One: The Big Day!


Golly Moses, I wrote this less than a week ago, and it’s already in the top five posts of all time!

What I’ve learned about blogging

I don’t blog for pay, and I never intend to. Blogging is generally at the bottom of my priorities, even below the dishes, because 1) it is time consuming and 2) it doesn’t have to be done.

I’m an ideas person, but I’m not a follow-through person per se. If the idea ends up not going how I’d like, I ignore it for a new idea. My mind is like a closed room with a pitching machine shooting out bouncy blue racquet balls. I’m like the dog in that room, trying to catch just one ball at a time.

Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

I’m also a very forgetful person, and mommy brain does not help the situation.  I’ve been trying to make myself a cup of tea for the past three hours. I keep forgetting about the water boiling on the stove—we don’t have a whistling kettle and all my timers are already preoccupied. Now my tea is steeping. It’s a good thing I like strong tea, because I’ll probably leave the tea bag in there for about 20 minutes before I remember to take it out.

That said, you’ll find quite a few blog posts in which I start something and never finish it. If you ever want a follow-up on something, please comment on that blog post!

The Future of Diary of a Bewildered Mother

Primarily this blog began as a way to document the confusion, craziness, and excitement that accompanies an unexpected first pregnancy. In that sense, it was definitely more like a diary. Then I got to meet Little Champ, and my life as a mom really started. It’s crazy and unpredictable and anything but orderly.

Now that I have a toddler and am expecting a second baby this spring, I’ve got my hands full, but I’ll have my hands even more full once Baby Lion is born. I know I’ll post Baby Lion’s birth story, and I’m sure I’ll post lots of photos of my two kids once a month.

Ideally, I’d also post some more recipes and DIYs and lessons I’ve learned about parenting and marriage. But with two kids and a dog under 3, I’m just not going to make any promises. Especially since we might be needing another income this year. What I can say is that I post a whole lot more on my Bewildered Mother Facebook Page than I do here, so individual pictures and little moments are more likely to pop up over there. I also ask parenting questions and post links to parenting sites and to things that make me laugh as a mother. Check it out, become a fan if you want.

February 9th is our prohibition-themed speakeasy gender-reveal party! I’ll definitely be posting about that. On the potty front, there isn’t a whole lot more to say except that the Prince Lionheart Potty is far superior to the crap Disney Cars one we got at Walmart. Once I figure out about potty training and public toilets, I’ll be sure to share.

In case you were wondering, the tea is just fine. Champ has had to use the potty half a dozen times (read: 3) since I began this post, so I have been able to check on my tea using his biological clock. Now the matter is drinking it before it gets cold.


One thought on “My 3-Year Bloggiversary!

  1. You blog like I do…LOVE the dog…and the tea. That’s so me. I wish you lived closer cuz we could hang out and be spacey together. ROFL!

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