Christmas 2012

Behold! The Post-Christmas Post! With over 20 photos!

Make it to the end of this post, and you will be rewarded with some outtakes from the photo above.


Fluffy White Pine purchased from the Boy Scouts.

Captain’s brother spent the holiday with us,

Yay for self-timers!

On the mantle: Thrift Store finds (pine trees, pine cone, itty bitty porcelain houses, candle sticks), candles from our wedding, and a Scentsy warmer with the scent Iced Pine making our house smell like a forest. Stockings: Target, handmade from a sweater, my Santa stocking from when I was little, handmade from fleece and faux fur. Someday I’ll have lovely, matching stockings. The elephant and lion are Scentsy Buddies and are for Champ and Lion.

Some people asked what I was doing for stocking stuffers. I think next year, early December, Lord willing, I’ll blog about stocking stuffers. But my favorite ones I’ve given the Captain and/or his brother are designer playing cards from Theory 11, something fun from ThinkGeek, a bundle of online games from HumbleBundle (they change weekly), and homemade candied pecans. Each cost less than $6.


We opened up the presents on Christmas Eve like good Norwegians. Champ passed out all the gifts with the aid of photos I printed and taped to each present. Christmas morning, Champ opened up his stocking,

which consisted of three cars and the Scentsy elephant, and some extra Santa gifts (pots and pans, a 101 Dalmatians plate he picked out at the thrift store). But his big Santa present was waiting for him in the Kitchen.


We scrambled to get Little Champ’s present—a DIY Kitchen—ready in time for Christmas. It still needs a bit of work, but it is definitely serving its purpose! We’ll just remodel his kitchen the next time we move. The first sighting:


Examining the sink.




He checked out the fridge…


…which was stocked with about 20 fruit and vegetable toys I got for a grand total of $2.


We decided to make cookies. Wash your hands, first! Then mix up the batter.kit7

He was very excited about the cookies.



After he took them out of the oven (“Hot!” he reminded me), he ate ALL OF THEM.kit9

Didn’t even leave some for his own mother.


His mother who was 20.5 weeks pregnant on Christmas. It’s okay. I made Chocolate Revel Bars (stay tuned for the recipe).

We spent the rest of Christmas Day with my extended family. After Christmas, we visited the other side of the family and Champ got to see his first Hockey game.


He was entranced. And the Zamboni hadn’t even come out yet.


I think he enjoyed himself.

That was our Christmas! There are a ton of tutorials on making play kitchens. Ours was thrown together, so we didn’t take photos of the process. The only new things we purchased were the silver handle for the fridge, the drawer pull we used for a towel rack, the sink faucet, the bowl for the sink, and the tiles. I know we paid less than $30, but probably less than $25. I guess it depends on how much the spray paint cost us. My favorite play kitchens are this one from Britt & her Boys, this one from Creative Carissa, and this one from Young House Love.

You made it to the end! As promised, here are just a few of my attempts at capturing a happy, adorable child in front of the Christmas tree.


Happy New Year!

I’ll post the Chocolate Revel Bars recipe soon.


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