The first time this year that Little Champ saw snowflakes, he thought they were stars coming down from the sky.

Today we finally got dumped on  enough snow to actually play in, so we bundled up Little Champ in his new snow pants and mittens and let him have at it.
snow1Neville attacked the snow with a crazed enthusiasm, even though the more he moved, the more snow accumulated in his fur. After a few minutes, he had snowballs stuck to his legs that reminded me of that scene from The Incredibles when Mr. Incredible is caught.


Champ fell down as soon as he got to the unpacked snow. He was not amused, and after I helped him up, he watched his dad plow for a while.



We are very thankful that our landlords left a snowplow for us.


But after the Captain finished plowing the driveway, we pulled out the sled…


Now Champ wants to sled and sled and not do anything else.


“I love to sled!”


This is his “Mom, you are entirely insane” after I suggested we go inside to get lunch.


So glad I captured this moment :)


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