The Child Whisperer

Well, it’s been a crazy holiday weekend full of unexpected obstacles and plenty of crafts. I’m hoping to take photos soon, once I’m done catching up on work from last week!

Until then, I wanted to share this infographic (I love infographics! I design them, too.) from The Child Whisperer:


How cool is that? When we stop for a moment to try and understand our children and their unique needs, we can communicate better with them and get frustrated less frequently. I learned this from working at a preschool for many years, and am now applying it to my own child.

Still not sure which of these categories Little Champ would fit into specifically. He seems to be between 3 and 4. We’ll see once he starts communicating more what his needs are. I’m used to working with preschoolers. Two year olds that don’t speak? Still a mystery.

Click the link above or the image to be taken to the Child Whisperer website.


3 thoughts on “The Child Whisperer

    • Hi Ellen, thanks for visiting!
      Carol Tuttle does have a full book you can probably check out from the library. The more she started talking about these personality types, the more I resisted her typing and the more I found her theories unbased in the real world. She also started creeping me out to be honest.
      But if your child is both 1&2, he or she probably needs balance between introverted and extroverted activities. Look for activities or sports that are more one-on-one. I’m an introvert (you can read my post on being an introverted mom) but I thrived doing theater and vocal performance. I liked being on the stage because it was structured. When I got anxious was when I was off the stage trying to make small talk with people.
      Each kid is like his or her own mystery to solve, and it takes a lot of trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t. We’ll never parent for our kids perfectly all the time because we aren’t mind readers. But you’re doing awesome just considering what your child might respond best to. 💛

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