Pregnant Women Cry.

So many things have made me cry today. I was bawling when I found out how many teenagers are homeless in Minnesota, and have no safe place to call home, no place to go for the holidays.

Then I got teary-eyed while watching 101 Dalmatians, one of my favorite Disney movies and a great story about family and adoption, by the way.

And THEN I was going through photos of Captain’s departure and arrival to and from deployment, because it’s Veteran’s Day, which made me weepy again.

LT kisses Little Champ goodbye

But then I found this long-lost picture of my crazy child.
P.S. I looked into becoming a host home for homeless youth, and we requested more information about the program. In the future, I’d like to adopt through the foster care system. So many children need mothers, and adoption is something very close to my heart. This holiday season, when you are gathered with your crazy relatives, say a prayer for the thousands of orphans and foster children right here in the US that desperately need families.

3 thoughts on “Pregnant Women Cry.

  1. That last picture is a hoot and a half! Love it. And may God bless your efforts to mother the motherless– older child adoption / fostering has always a need, but it seems to be growing in urgency these days. I’m glad this is in your heart.

  2. That last picture is priceless! My mom was actually a foster child for a time herself, and my sister’s family by marriage is heavily involved in fostering. I sometimes think of how hard parts of my childhood were, but then think to how much harder it could have been. (Indeed, I just read a series about women in prison that reminded just how lucky I was to have the childhood I did. I could share it here, if you wanted something else to cry about while simultaneously feeling hopeful. Don’t know how much of a sell that is!) I’d like to adopt or foster someday myself. I know it can be heartbreaking, but some things are worth being heartbroken for.

  3. Thanks for the comments! We would certainly need God to open up some doors for us to become a host home.

    I have contacted the Suburban Host Home Program to see if there were volunteer opportunities—that’s all we can do for now, and wait for the right timing. It’s so hard when there’s a need RIGHT NOW, but like I said, we would need some serious doors to be opened. In the meantime, we’ll keep thinking of those kids, raise our son (and baby on the way) hopefully in a way that they don’t feel entitled to everything, and that they would have generous hearts, so if/when we can bring in foster children, the transition would be smoother.

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