Little Champ is TWO!!!

This weekend we celebrated our son’s second birthday! I actually always cringe when saying/typing that, because technically it’s his third birthday, if you count the day he was born.

Anyway, since we just moved to a new town close to family, we decided to just make it a family affair. And since it took place Labor Day weekend, half my family was somewhere north or east or west having fun in a body of water.

UNFORTUNATELY, my camera would not take any photos. Dead battery. And I don’t know where the charger is—likely in one of the four dozen un-unpacked boxes we have shoved in various closets around the house. But I do have a couple of my phone’s photos.

The only “kids” that came to the party were three teenage boys, so we didn’t have the typical 2-year old party. Instead, we decided to take some of our extra-large boxes and turn them into “Battle Bots.” LT* designed the ‘bots and created them. I just had the idea and ordered some pool noodles to use as “weapons.”

*Oh, he’s a Captain now, btw. Though he isn’t an active Marine, he has promoted to Captain on paper. I’m pretty really really really bummed he didn’t get a promotion ceremony or anything like that.

Here’s the rocket/deranged goldfish cake I made for the party. My grandmother came over and helped me roll and cut the sugar cookies. We’ve got little green men and yellow stars. Here’s the frosting I used for the cake. And here’s the recipe for the AMAZING icing I made for the sugar cookies! I substituted coconut extract in place of the almond, however. Loved it!

Little Champ helping daddy put together one of his birthday presents.

My Grandpa was really excited about this CAT truck he got Little Champ. You push the button on the side, it rumbles, and then it moves forward. He put the truck and Little Champ on the floor, and then he pressed the button. The truck scared the socks off my kid, who ran out of the room, terrified. Classic.

The 2 cookie I made for him out of the remaining dough. He licked it and then put it down. Seriously, the kid won’t eat ANYTHING. Help.

We got him his first Bible.

The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories

Neville thought the whole ordeal was pretty exhausting. This pup never sleeps as much as he does when we have people over—I think it’s a defense mechanism.

He got a new toy phone which he carried around for the rest of the day and evening.

My best friend came and brought a happy birthday balloon! She came just in time for the Battle Bot Obstacle Course

They reminded me of Daleks. Also, they were virtually blind.

…Especially this one. K couldn’t see anything!

Little Champ soon found his own box.

Then it was time for the event we were all waiting for…the BATTLE.

There was a lot of spinning, waddling, and leaping, but my favorite part was when K, after being disarmed by LT, grabbed a box and attempted to blindly throw it at him.

…It landed at the feet of the completely unsuspecting LT, who waddled off in a different direction. Valiant effort, though.

I think the only thing funnier than the spectacle would be watching at double speed. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to speed up the video.

So, it wasn’t the party we originally intended (I had vast ideas about a 1950s rocket/robot themed party, but alas), we still had a ton of fun, and it was great seeing my family and having them over to our home for the first time! We are really digging living near family and friends.

Until next time,


One thought on “Little Champ is TWO!!!

  1. Happy birthday to your little Champ! It looks like you had so much fun and I loved all the pictures!!! We had a party for our Little Man this weekend too! It’s such a happy time for us mommies!

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