Avengers Assemble!

In a few days, LT and I will go see The Avengers in theaters. We prefer going on weekdays rather than weekends—it’s less packed AND cheaper!

One thing that Marvel has had around for a while is a Create Your Own Superhero activity.

My superhero is, of course, Wifosaurus.

And then, whenever I need to pull out my superpowers of cleaning and motivation, I transform into this!

Yeah, okay, maybe not. I don’t have the superpowers of cleaning or motivation, anyway.

But I do think moms are superheroes in their own way. My real super powers? I can clean the lint trap in the dryer like nobody’s business. And I make a really good cilantro dip.

Most days I don’t feel like a superhero, and I need to dress myself up in order to get the motivation to clean. Last week I pulled out the 80s prom dress and you wouldn’t believe how much I got done. The most I’ve ever felt like a superhero was right after I had given birth to my son. We were able to do a natural delivery, and I’m so glad I didn’t have drugs to numb that empowering feeling. My adrenaline was soaring, endorphins were flying everywhere. If a nurse hadn’t mentioned I’d get to eat soon, I might have jumped out of the hospital bed and run a 5K.

How about you moms? What are your super powers? What motivates you when you aren’t feeling super? When did you feel the most heroic?

3 thoughts on “Avengers Assemble!

  1. How did I never know about this tool? I cannot wait to toy with it tonight!

    I’m not entirely sure what my superpower is. Wait. Does remarkable ability to shirk cleaning count as a superpower?

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