The Love Doctor

via The Resurgence

A few days ago I read “The Six-Second Kiss” on The Resurgence.

Married people, read this.

(Single people, bookmark it for when you are married. But don’t try experimenting with it now. It really is better to keep such intimacy for marriage, take it from somebody who knows!)

Now, LT and I have a very healthy relationship. I owe most of that to the fact that 1) we are a Christian couple and believe marriage is to bring us closer to God, not to make us happy, and 2) we saved the deepest intimacy for marriage, and in marriage enjoy that deepest intimacy most days of the week.

But now that we’ve started greeting each other when he gets home with one of these babies, let’s just say we’ve been keeping the blinds closed a bit more often.

Little Champ is all smiles when he sees us snuggling on the couch. He knows that physical touch between his mom and dad are good and right. It breaks my heart to think of what would happen in that brain of his if he constantly saw us fighting or worse—ignoring each other.

Married couples, move past being just roommates with the same name.  Greet each other in a sexy kiss, look each other in the eye, appreciate each other, and enjoy each other.

6 thoughts on “The Love Doctor

    • We are definitely PG in public, PG-13 at home with people around, and I won’t mention what we do when we are alone!

      I won’t let my kids practice PDA if/when they are dating, but I will definitely encourage it when they are married, and probably encourage it when they are engaged, too.

      I think you have to earn the right to be physically affectionate. When I see two teenagers all over each other, it makes me sick. I was on the receiving end once, and I know now that back then, any form of physical “affection” was really just my boyfriend announcing publicly that I was his property.

      Not okay.

      But married couples? Let’s show teenagers what they have to look forward to in a lifelong commitment!

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think it’s very important for teenagers (girls in particular) to have a healthy respect for PDA/affection with their partners. So many young(er) girls think that their worth is based on their bodies, and it’s so just sad.
        I get pretty icked out when I see people being way too touchy feely in public. With no offense to how they conduct themselves, but, I don’t want to see that. I’m sorry. It’s rude and I find it rather offensive.

      • Definitely. There’s beauty to subtlety. I don’t want to see anyone swallowing each other or feeling each other up, but I love it when I see a couple sneak in a butt slap or boob grab when they think no one’s looking.* I probably give my husband’s butt a squeeze every other outing, not counting church, since I don’t want any old ladies to have a heart attack.

        *I’d just like to say I’m not a creeper, and I don’t see that very often :)

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