This, that, and the other.

I started taking pictures for a tutorial on how to make a tutu out of tulle, but then I forgot to take a picture of the finished product before I gave it away…

Sorry about that. Anyway, it’s basically the same tutorial as this, only instead of elastic, I used 3 ft of Twill tape so that it was adjustable (just tie in a bow around the back, like an apron). I measured 8 inches in on each side to make a 20in tutu.

I also was going to show how clean I got my vents, but even the clean pictures look nasty due to the chipping paint.

Anyway, sick of using rags, vacuums, and Q-tips (because they didn’t really work to get the stuff out), I figured out a new method:

I took an old foam craft brush (you know, that had crusty paint stuck to it) and dunked it into my favorite all-natural cleaner, which was diluted with water, 1 part cleaner to 64 parts water. In bewildered mommy terms, that’s 4 cups of water for each tablespoon of cleaner.

The foam brush gets into the nooks and crannies and scrapes both the top and bottom at the same time, reducing my time in half. It still made a mess, since the grate I was cleaning was on the ceiling, but I caught the water back in my trusty bucket.


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