Here’s to a productive weekend

Last weekend I scored a vintage blue typewriter that I very much love and recently discovered smells like chain-smoking old secretaries. Oh well. It’s still very fun.

Little Champ is in love with it, too...

Who am I kidding? He's the one who really writes this blog.

My husband also ran the Spartan Race on Sunday. For him it was easy peasy, apparently. Much easier than the training he did to become a Marine Officer. Still, he came out of it with some battle scars and had a good (albiet cold) time.

LT jumping over fire, just one of the crazy obstacles

After the end of the race. Even jumping into the rapids and swimming through a current didn't get all the mud off :)

This weekend was going to be full of adventure, but the weather might prove otherwise. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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