America the Beautiful

Pike's Peak in Colorado

“America the Beautiful” was written by Katherine Lee Bates in the 1890s (not the lady that was in Titanic. That’s Kathy Bates.)

She wrote it in Colorado, and if you grow up in Colorado, your fourth grade teacher will not let you forget it.

It’s one of my absolute favorite Patriotic Hymns, and I wish I could have designated a bit more time to recording it, but alas, nap time lasts only so long. Here’s my “live” recording. I’ll try to cut down the artificial reverb on the next song. I thought I’d turned it off…

The Library of Congress has free MP3s of patriotic songs, and has copyright-free sheet music.

For the Library of Congress’ files of “America the Beautiful,” go here.

I’ll give the direct links below, but the original source is above, in case you’d like to visit the enormous resource that is our Library of Congress. Links on the LOC site are on the left sidebar. You’ll find printable sheet music here.

(Right click on the link and select “Save page as” to save as an MP3)

The first is US Marine Band playing the first verse and chorus with their brass section. (0:54)

The second is the US Navy Band‘s version, with choir. First verse and chorus, repeated twice and ending with a goosebumps-inducing “America! America! America!” (3:33)

The third is by the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Band and is purely instrumental. (2:33)

For the Wikipedia page about America the Beautiful and it’s creation, go here.


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