Happy Presidents’ Day! (Yankee Doodle)

Today is a happy day. One, it’s a federal holiday, which means LT gets the day off.

Two, it kicks off my FREEBIE GIVEAWAYS!

You might notice a couple of changes around the blog. First, there’s a Freebies tab on the top navigation. Click there, and it will give you the scoop on how Freebies will work around here.

Second, there’s a tip jar on the right sidebar. The next 10 song freebies will be public domain, which means I won’t have to pay to record them and give them away to you. But if you’d like to get some copyrighted songs, I’ll have to pay approximately $25 per song. If I paid out of pocket for each license, I’d have to pay in Cheerios and chewed-up crayons, because I’m a stay at home mom, and that’s what I have in my pockets, not cash.

Printables I will make from time to time. The problem with Printables is that they take a long time to design—much more time than it takes to record a song unprofessionally—so those will be more limited. But if I make something for myself, I’ll probably post them here for you to use as well! Sharing is caring.


Today is Presidents’ Day! Or, more historically, Washington’s Birthday.

Except it isn’t his birthday. It’s the day we celebrate his birthday.  So TECHNICALLY, it’s “The Monday We Celebrate the Birth of George Washington Day!”

And we are going to get all patriotic up in here.

I love patriotic songs, and becoming a military wife basically fueled that flame, especially since that’s all I hear when I’m on hold for the Naval Hospital. Best hold music ever, people.

But when is the last time you heard or sang a patriotic song outside of a Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day concert? And how many kids these days know the words to “America the Beautiful”? You might know that there are 50 stars on the US Flag, unlike these high schoolers, but do you know the preamble to the Constitution?

Well, get excited. Starting today, and every other week until Independence Day (you know, the Fourth of July), I’ll be sharing some good, old fashioned patriotic songs. Let’s put our politics aside and be thankful of the country that gives us so many freedoms. It will be fun. You might be surprised.

Yankee Doodle

Since this post is already longer than the Declaration of Independence, why don’t I finally just cut to the chase?

For my no-frills, slightly congested recording of Yankee Doodle, right click this link and select “save link/target as.”

To learn some fun facts about the song and hear other free versions, including violin variations on the tune and a recording from the US Army Band, check out the Wikipedia Page.

Mind the music and the step, and with the girls be handy.

Have ideas for some patriotic printables? Post your ideas below, and if I get some time, I might be able to whip something up for you!


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