Happy Valentine’s Day!

Well, I was hoping that there would be more of a response to my last post (thanks, Mom!)…

But the lack of responses, combined with an unexpected (but very nice) houseguest, has left me to decide that this time, anyway, I won’t be recording a song and giving it away.

When I do give away songs, I’ll be doing it completely legally, either by recording a public domain song, getting permission from the copyright holder, or buying the rights to record (it’s about $25).

And no offense, Momma, but as delightful “Lady in Red” is, I don’t think I’ll be forking up a quarter of a hundred dollars to record a song that repetitively tops cheesiest song lists. If I do an 80s song, I’d probably cover “Time After Time” or “Never Gonna Give You Up,” just for kicks.

Anyway, we can’t make a reader-generated love song playlist with only one song, but never fear!

This is a playlist I created a while ago, and it has both love songs and break up songs. That’s right, music to satisfy those celebrating Single Awareness Day as well. Basically it’s the soundtrack that would play if my life were an indie movie, starting with childhood daydreams, through boyfriends and breakups, to falling in love with LT, having Little Champ, and wondering what’s next for our family.

Love Music on Grooveshark.



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