Dedicate a song to your Valentine!

Aaaaaah I haven’t blogged in a week, and Valentine’s Day is next week!

Remember the blog where I asked you about getting free music? Well, I think that I have figured out how I can do it, but (waves hands around mysteriously)ALL WILL BE REVEALED next week…

Until then, Here’s my  ♥Valentine♥  to all of you dear readers!

  1. Comment below with your and your sweetie’s  song (or any luuuuuurve song you like).
  2. Together, we will create a Valentine’s Day playlist. But that’s not all!!!!
  3. I’ll pick a couple songs from your list, do an a capella cover of  as many songs as I have time to record (sorry, the only instrument I have any skill with is my larynx), and post the songs on Monday, on my blog.

You get a free Valentine’s Day Playlist out of the deal, as well as a free MP3!

I am excited. I hope you are, too. Post as many songs as you want.

Also, tell your friends. I might choose their song!

Hint: If you include a sweet story about why that’s your song, I may be more likely to choose it.
Also hint: I really can’t stand do country music justice. If you give me a country song, it won’t sound like country when I’m done with it.

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