Sneak Peek: Valentine’s Day photoshoot

Here’s a sneak peak at the photos I took of my little man for the Valentine’s Day cards I’m making. I’ll show the colored versions a bit closer to Valentine’s Day, after I decide how I’m making the cards.

Little Champ wasn’t in an ideal mood, but the weather was divine, so we went with it.

I was really hoping for a picture of Little Champ hugging Chewbacca, but he thought it would be better to poke him in the eye and then throw him into the dirt.

He also just could not comprehend why I would want him to sit, down, by a tree, outside, and not eat acorns. “Sit down. Sit down, please. Please sit down. Sit…over…here. Stay. No. Stay there. Sit back down.”

Then Mr. Goldilocks sat in a chair. He refused to make eye contact.

“Look over here! Hey! Champ! Look at me! Look at mommy. Over here! What’s this? What am I doing over here? Am I dancing? Woohoo! Yeah! Blablalalala! Pfffffffft. Hey, look. Yes…no. No, no. Over here!”

After a blaster peace offering and game of Mommy-Chewbacca Peekaboo, I got 3.5 smiles.

On our retreat back inside, we saw our neighbors, so Little Champ and Tinkerbell played some soccer together.

Final assessment? Time well spent.

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