DIY reusable daily and weekly planners

Are you ready for the week to begin?

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with daily planners and notebooks.

But instead of telling you about my love affair with planners and walking down the aisle in the office supply store, I’m just going to cut to the chase and show you what I do know.

I could write down all of the things I needed to do in my planner, easy. The problem was actually opening up my planner again to do those things I wrote down.

Now I use dry erase boards that are hanging on walls all over my house. I figure that “out of sight, out of mind” also means “in sight, obnoxiously nagging you.” I also figure that it gives me some accountability to anyone else that can read…

Here’s an example of one. I’ll explain the layout and give more examples below.

All you need is a dry erase board, a Sharpie, and an idea of what you want to be planning. Ruler and nail polish remover optional. Basically, you draw the outlines with a permanent marker and draw inside those outlines with dry erase markers.

Step One

Use the Sharpie to draw out the permanent layout on your dry erase board. If you mess up, you can erase the permanent marker in one of two ways.

  • For small areas, take a dry erase marker, scribble over the permanent marker, and erase.
  • For large areas, use nail polish remover and a Q-tip or cotton square to apply.

Note: If you accidentally draw over a permanent marker line with a dry-erase marker, the permanent marker will come off. That’s why I don’t draw lines for writing on—I draw boxes to write in.

Step Two

Actually, that was pretty much it. I suppose at this point, you start filling in your planner. Woohoo!

My examples

Here’s a close-up of the board shown above. I got the days of the week magnets at Target. The first row of seven is for daily appointments. The next is for menu planning and lists the menu theme of the day, as well as daily chores. The bottom section is the Honey-Do list, which LT and I both contribute to.

This one is a more elaborate weekly planner in a “checklist” format. On the left are things that need to get done every day, ordered in the rough progression of the day. The squares on the inside are either blank or I write in what needs to happen during that time. For example, I have two slots for “projects.” In the boxes I write which projects I need to work on that day. When I finish a chore or activity, I put a magnet on that square. The first column reads: Vitamins, breakfast, chores, lunch, projects, work out / go outside, snack, projects, dinner, dishes, brush teeth, mini bedtime (bedtime for the mini people in our family, aka the kids), before bed tidy up. Yes, I often forget to eat three meals each day.

If it would appear that I haven’t done anything this week, then I should point out that today is Sunday, and the board is for tomorrow–Saturday. Tomorrow I will put the magnets in the squares as I complete each item.

This format will be adapted or duplicated, probably, when I have more children. With this layout, each child could fit a magnet in one slot, or you could have a board for each child.

Here’s the daily one I made today.

The one on the left is the blank version. On the right, I filled in the planner and made a couple of additions.

When I saw these Free Daily and Weekly Planner Printables from, I thought that they were great! And I thought maybe I’d try them out, and then I’d design my own. However, I haven’t gotten to that yet, and I wanted to use my third dry erase board for daily planning, so I did this.

The printable downloads are lovely! If you go that route, enjoy them heartily. Be sure to check out Ann’s book and the rest of her blog, too! She’s an inspiration. You can even try laminating her planners and reusing those with a dry erase marker (or overhead markers, if those are still around). When I come up with my design, I’ll post it here, on my blog, for free. I’m wanting a smaller size, I think, hence designing it myself. We’ll see, I suppose.

  • Top row: Devotion? check box | date
  • 2nd row: Blank space to write out memory verse, practicing every day |Domestic duties | business
  • 3rd row: Imperatives (things that have to get done) | things I should do | things I could do, if I have time | things that need to get done eventually
  • 4th row: menu for the day | Schedule for the day (when I will do what I wrote in the “to do” section)
  • 5th row: workout? check box | Water? Check box

Have fun planning out your days and weeks!


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