Meal Planning and Recipes

I’m trying to get more organized with recipes and meal planning. LT and I have half a dozen cookbooks, a drawer full of magazines with recipes included, and a recipe box that was my great grandmother’s.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m completely the opposite of a Stepford Wife. I hate folding laundry, but not as much as I hate doing dishes, and I will not cook unless I already know what I’m cooking.

I hate standing in the middle of the kitchen at 5:30 just scratching my head. Those are the days we take out our organic Annie’s shells & cheese. (Soooo good).

Of course, LT and I like to keep away from packaged food, and especially processed food when we can. But around here, there is a pathetic selection of produce and raw ingredients. Which I hate. I can’t wait to move. I need farmer’s markets!

Ahem. Anyway, a while back I decided we should have theme days, just to help me meal plan, and to keep me from making red meat every. single. day.

Mmmmm…meat. Ooooowwwww…heartburn.

So here are our theme days. All images are free stock images, except for the Lasagna, which I ACTUALLY MADE AND ATE.

Meat Mondays

This is the day we eat like normal Americans on the SAD (Standard American Diet). Burgers, steak, meatloaf. It gives us something to look forward to after the weekend. This includes any meat-prominent meal that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories.

Taco Tuesdays

Actually, we rarely make tacos on Tuesdays. It’s just an easy way to remember that this is when we eat Latin American food. Or anything seasoned with chiles.

Mediterranean Wednesday

Click image for my favorite lasagna recipe

Originally “House of Italy Wednesday,” we expanded this to include any Mediterranean food, including Moroccan. Wednesday nights we have church, and let’s face it, Italian food is really easy/fast/yummy. If we find a European dish that isn’t “Heart healthy” or meat-prominent, then it will go here, too. But most pub food falls under the “meat” category, or Sunday’s (which you will see below).

Heart Healthy Thursdays

I abbreviate Thursday as “H,” so the alliteration thing sort of works here. This is the day we eat fish, vegetarian, or vegan meals.

Pizza Movie Night Fridays

This is a tradition carried over from LT’s family. We started going to a couple’s Bible study on Friday evenings, so we haven’t done a Friday movie night in a while. So every once in a while, we have Meat & Movie Mondays. LT usually makes the pizza—he loves trying new doughs and pizza recipes. Pepperoni pizza is my classic favorite, but it usually triggers heartburn, so I tend to buy frozen Kashi Mediterranean pizzas.

Oriental Saturdays

LT suggested we change this from “Asian Saturdays” to “Oriental” so we could include African dishes. Now anything from the Eastern hemisphere that doesn’t fall into the Thursday menu and isn’t European or Mediterranean goes here.

Soul Food Sundays

On Sundays we feed our soul at church, and then we feed our tummies with soul food. Yes, I realize I have a corny sense of humor. But Mneumonic devices WORK, people! Anyway, Soul Food Sunday is another “SAD” day, when we eat Macaroni and Cheese and anything baked in a casserole dish, which is called a “Hot dish,” in case that will confuse you in the future. I’m a Minnesotan. I say “pop,” too, even against my will. Anyway, we use the term “soul food” loosely, not in the regional or ethnic sense. I consider any single-dish meal to be soul food because it makes me feel all warm inside. That, and anything with cheese or potatoes in it.

What about Lunch? Breakfast? Second breakfast? Elevensies?

For lunch we have leftovers, soup, or sandwiches. Sometimes all three, because we have leftover soup with sandwiches grilled on the skillet. That’s usually when LT is home, though. I usually have leftovers heated on the stove, because we don’t have a microwave.

For breakfast, we generally have cereal. LT made me French Toast this weekend when I was sleeping in, and brought it to me in bed. Yes, I won the marital lottery with that man.

For snacks, we eat fruit or have chips and salsa. I try not to keep junk food around, but we do have a bag of Doritos from last week, when I successfully got LT to eat and enjoy COOKED BROCCOLI.

How to get your family to eat cooked broccoli:

  1. Steam broccoli
  2. Top with shredded cheese
  3. Melt cheese on broccoli in convection oven (or conventional oven, if you don’t have a convection/toaster oven)
  4. Top with crushed nacho-flavored Doritos.

We ate it with Mexican burgers.

I’m thinking every once in a while (I can’t commit to every single week, because life happens), I’ll post our menu for the week as well as our favorite recipe of the week. Or favorite new recipe of the month.

So stay tuned! Also let me know if you have any requests, or are interested in one of our categories above, and I’ll hook you up with a recipe or two.


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