Diet is Everything: How to Eliminate and Prevent Illness and Disease by the Foods you Eat.

Note: All blogs, and all for-profit companies, are biased. My blog is biased because I have opinions. Companies are biased because they are trying to sell you something. Any websites I link to, unless they are Bible verses given in context, should not be taken as gospel. I ask that you read them with an open mind and a critical one, to make balanced decisions for yourself.

Millions of people have been cured of illnesses and diseases—yes, including cancer—by changing the way they eat food. If you are trying to cure yourself of disease, then I think by all means you should look to God and his natural medicine, using natural and organic, homeopathic methods than put your trust in man and “modern medicine.” Do we really think that we can do it better than God?

scroll down to avoid the rant.

If you know me, you’ll know that I am extremely skeptical of our nation’s Food and Drug Administration. Do I believe drugs are sometimes necessary? Maybe. But I believe wholeheartedly that modern medicine is a business, and that it not only pushes drugs because drugs make money, but it also focuses on alleviating symptoms rather than curing the person. I’ve already been up on a soapbox about why donating to cancer research is not a good use of your money. Think I’m heartless? I’ve lost loved ones to cancer. I know that money should be given to prevention and education, not screening (which yields false positives and can GENERATE cancer) and CEOs.

Okay, rant over.

Give all your money to cancer research if you want, but any research they actually end up doing all comes back down to this:

Eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits and exercising is the way to stay healthy and AVOID sickness, illness, diseases, and cancer, and to CURE it.

There's a better way.

Millions of people have found relief and been cured of illnesses by going on the “Hallelujah diet”—but it isn’t a diet you just go on for a while and then stop. It’s a total lifestyle change.

Basically the Hallelujah diet is a strict vegan diet that depends on juicing vegetables. You can read about it here. It’s based on Genesis 1:29, when God directed Adam and Eve to eat fruit and vegetables before the Fall.

If you want something a bit less strict, like us, then you can still eat meat and dairy, but in limited quantities. Meat and dairy aren’t particularly good for our bodies because our digestive systems are made to be vegetarian (click to read Hallelujah Acre’s opinion). If we eat too much meat and dairy, it gets stuck in our digestive system and the acid from those foods creates the toxicity in our bodies that causes sickness.
But we’d still like to own a dairy cow some day.
Deuteronomy specifically allows the eating of meat, and Paul saw the vision that all foods were now clean. So the problem isn’t really what we eat as much as what and how much we eat. The most simplified answer is to eat more alkaline foods than acidic foods. 
Once I ate more alkaline foods than acidic, my asthma and heartburn disappeared, and now instead of wanting to run to the ER every week, I am off all of my prescriptions. The heartburn comes back on occasion, but only if I haven’t been eating vegetables and fruit.
Click the image below or go here for a guide that shows which foods are alkaline and which ones are acidic. Did you know that lemons are alkaline?? I add lemon juice to my water if I’m going to eat a big meal or have red meat so I don’t get bloated or have heartburn. Don’t forget a salad or smoothie at the beginning of the meal!

Note that all meats are acidic.

Some other tips:
  • Eat fruit and vegetables before the rest of your meal so it goes directly to your bloodstream. Otherwise it gets stuck in the stomach behind all the other foods and ferments while your stomach tries to digest everything else.
  • Don’t eat fiber before 10 am or after supper time, since your metabolism won’t be able to clear it out of your system as easily. Fiber itself is like a sponge—it has no nutritional value, it serves as a carrier for nutrients. It helps clear out your digestive system because it collects things that are hanging out in your intestines and pulls them out with it. Drinking 100%, pulp free juice (no sweeteners) gives you all the nutrition without the pulp. Smoothies have fiber and are the next best thing.
  • If you don’t have a juicer, Odwalla and Naked Juices are AMAZING but can be a bit expensive, so I buy them in bulk. For 100% fruit juices, Simply Apple juice is my favorite. Simple Orange With Pineapple is really, really good, as is Simply Raspberry Lemonade. Yum!
    (P.S. If you have a safety filter on your computer, you might not be able to access the Naked Juice site because it has the word “naked” in it… It’s safe, really!)
  • READ FOOD LABELS. Specifically the ingredients. I don’t really care how much fat is in something if it is 100% good for me. Avocados are much healthier for you than fat-free snacks that are full of artificial ingredients, sweeteners, and preservatives.
  • A good rule of thumb is to only buy things with 5 listed ingredients or fewer. You’ll be surprised how many foods have 20+ ingredients.
  • Frozen foods don’t have as much preservatives as shelved foods. LT and I bought a pie from the supermarket bakery once. Never again! That thing was chock full of preservatives, and tasted awful. We’ll make from scratch or buy frozen from now on.
  • Try to avoid buying foods that sneak in sweeteners or soy (people put High Fructose Corn Syrup and soy into everything these days). A very small amount is okay, but when everything you eat has these in them, you are asking for a heap of trouble.
My favorite foods are ice cream, cookies, steak, and potatoes. They are a standard part of the Standard American Diet (SAD)—and I know why, because they taste so good! But now, rather than eating red meat at every meal, we eat it once a week, tops. I have steak once a month—which I actually prefer, because it makes it special!—and we eat meat-free or lean meats for the other days. I have cookies and ice cream on occasion, but that’s okay because I eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I buy Breyer’s ice cream because it is all natural ingredients, and it’s not that expensive. I’ve heard frozen bananas taste just like ice cream when they are blended—I’m going to try that out when I get through my Breyer’s.

Bottom line

If you are trying to prevent sickness, then eat lots of vegetables (make at LEAST half of your diet alkaline). If you are trying to cure your body of an infection or disease, then avoid acidic foods, meat, dairy, soy, and other foods listed here.
What are your thoughts on eating healthy? Are you a radical? Have you considered becoming vegetarian or vegan? What are your favorite healthy recipes? I’ll start posting healthy (easy!) recipes more frequently on my blog as I come to them. To see recipes I’ve already posted, go here.

3 thoughts on “Diet is Everything: How to Eliminate and Prevent Illness and Disease by the Foods you Eat.

  1. Some things to note on the Hallelujah Health article:

    The note on the relative strength of the stomach acid of carnivores compared to humans: consider that some vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other compounds, are rendered useless to our body under low pH conditions (highly acidic). Perhaps the carnivore needs this to release the nutrients from it’s prey, but the human, which tends to have a more diverse diet in general, needs to have a more modest digestive system.

    The point about the child in the room with the fruit and the rabbit is absurd. It’s like putting a person in a room with a Mac and a PC. You cannot say that because they choose one, God intended people to use that one, it is merely because they are used to that computer. Similarly, children are more accustomed to seeing fruit be eaten than rabbits. Also, apples and bananas are easier to catch, thus would make an easier meal.

    As for the length of the digestive tract, the human needs this to be able to maximize the amount of nutrients it absorbs. Animals, particularly ones that are designed to chase their prey on foot, need to be able to lighten the load (so to speak) when the need arises to chase something, thus helping them move faster. We don’t need this as we have been given rational thought and creativity to develop domestication, or things we can ride on to chase prey (like horses).

    The point about the zookeeper feeding the animals cooked food makes me shake my head in dismay. Particularly the last line about how the meat is dead and does not have any “life force” left in it. The idea the life force was some mysterious element that we as humans consume was essentially debunked when it was realized that it was possible to create compounds that are found naturally in nature in a lab. It was thought that things that come from lining creatures (plants, animals, humans, bacteria, etc) could only come from living things. Essentially, it was the idea that we couldn’t make proteins, sugars, etc. from inorganic compounds. Then one day, a scientist synthesized urea, a major component of urine, from inorganic compounds.

    Their note of the fact that carnivores tend towards the flesh of vegetarian animals can be explained by the fact that vegetarians are not as dangerous. I mean, who has sharp teeth? Carnivores. Who has the pointy claws? Carnivores.

    The point about mad cow disease being caused by eating the by products of another animal is actually mostly true, however that is not the sole cause of it. Mad Cow Disease (Bovine Spongiform Ensephilopothy) can occur naturally. It’s just like CJD (Crutzfelt-Jacobs Disease). So, while they have a point, they cannot blame it all on that. Also, it is only passed on when they eat nervous tissue from an infected animal. It’s not like they get some crazed notion when they taste animal flesh.

    The point about cholesterol from eating animals is VERY biased. It is true that we are consuming their cholesterol and all that. However the statistics they site are misleading. Assuming these are accurate (no sources to speak of), you really need to take other things into account. For instance, americans are living more sedimentary lifestyles, we are consuming a host of other nutrients and potential carcinogens from contaminants in rain water, additives, etc. We are also exposing ourselves to more potential carcinogens in the form of the sun (tanning) or smoking. It says deaths due to cancer have increased, however it doesn’t site what kinds. Also, it could also be that we are able to detect it more not due to advances in technology so we know if it was cancer.

    In my opinion, it really wouldn’t hurt to cut down on the amount of meat consumed. It is incredibly inefficient to grow cattle, pigs, and chickens to slaughter weight. However were this a research paper submitted to a scientific journal, this would have been torn apart. Many of their points are either not grounded in fact, are a stretch of the truth, or are just poorly argued.

  2. Hey, I am a healthy raw vegan that gets nutrition from a large variety of sources.

    “It’s a total lifestyle change.” Most do not understand this, they believe that once they are cured or free from what ails them, they are free to wander back into their old ways. Preventing health problems is how life exists – fixing the problem after it occurs is how death eventually overwhelms us.

    My goal in life is to smash the age record and live to be at least 150. By breaking life down to its simplest form and extracting all of the worldly manipulations, anyone can accomplish this task I set for myself. What amazes me most, is the interconnections among diseases and disorders – they are all caused by the same factors and reduced likewise.

    Nice post, and happy holidays.

    Strive to be healthy, strive to live longer, strive… LIVE Longer We Will!

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