Coming up in December!

I haven’t forgotten you, dear readers!

In fact, I have been making Christmas presents and have been quite busy. But here’s what’s coming up in the next few weeks—the last few weeks of 2011!

 1. A giveaway? Yes, please!

Remember how I told you I had some new ideas for the blog coming up this fall/winter? Well, one of them is a giveaway every once in a while! The past few weeks I have been laboring over a present for Little Champ—multilingual, vintage, alphabet animal flashcards. I just sent them off to be printed, and when I get them delivered to my house, I’ll snap some photos to show them off, post them on Etsy, and…give one set away to a lucky reader! Details to come. Look for it next week.

2. Tutorials and ideas for a homemade Christmas

I already tried and failed at one project, so sorry about that, but I’m going to start up on a few new projects soon, and show you what I made and how to make them. This includes gifts and Christmas decorations. And because you probably know a little about me from reading my blog, you know that all of these projects will be quite inexpensive to make. Like, how about a super cute garland for $2? That sort of thing.

3. A new blog design?

Okay, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Apparently I still don’t quite understand how to factor in motherhood when estimating time, and as such, I always underestimate how long things take me. So don’t expect the new blog designs until 2012.

Stay tuned!

And while we are waiting for my flash cards to be delivered, how about you share some of your family’s Christmas traditions with us? LT and I are staying home this year and have already begun two traditions: Advent devotions and a LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar :D


2 thoughts on “Coming up in December!

  1. Normal family tradition here: Derek, Remi and I . . hopefully expanding soon. . .drive to Indiana to be with my side of the family. We make Swedish shortbread cookies a few days before the main day. Then that morning, as if we are still kids, who ever wakes up first, goes in and jumps on everyone elses beds and wakes them up (the past 2 years we just send Remi in). They then pick a Santa, I say they, because it’s always me lol. Open presents. Then Mom and I finish cooking all the holiday foods. More family comes over and we eat. :) Plain as plain can be!

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