Octobextravaganza Part One—Birthday, Halloween, etc.

Ahem. October started with a birthday party for Little Champ. It was a month late, but that’s because we wanted to wait until LT was back from deployment and had a week or two to adjust to the time difference (and job difference!)

I picked the theme. Owls! I figure he will choose the theme from now on. I also wanted to get owls in 1) because every birthday party from here on out will probably be Star Wars themed, and 2) I wanted to buy stuff for his party that I could use later in his new Narnia-themed nursery (you’ll have to wait until 2012 to see that…because I am not redecorating his room before we move!)

I made three kinds of cupcakes—German Chocolate (green eyes), white coconut (blue eyes), and white confetti cake with vanilla frosting (brown eyes). Eyes were M&Ms placed on mini Oreo halves, beaks were candy corn.

Party favors were also edible (not pictured). Chocolate owls I made with a candy mold in a “nest” of pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate, with Peanut M&Ms and jelly beans for “eggs.”

After the party, we had a week of recuperation and reorganization before my in-laws came.

During that week, LITTLE CHAMP LEARNED TO WALK. Woohoo!

Then my in-laws came to watch Little Champ and witness his mad walking skills while LT and I went on a cruise. We finally got a honeymoon! (See next post for all those photos)

As fun as the cruise was, I was so happy to be reunited with our little man again after 10+ days away. He was a little angel for his Granddad and Grandma (or so they tell us). You can imagine how spoiled he was with attention!

Grandma and Granddad bought him his own Chuck Taylors(!!)

I got a bit distracted with all the happy fun family time. Before we knew it, it was Halloween!

Last year, Little Champ had two costumes: the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who and Wicket the Ewok from Return of the Jedi.

This year, my neighbor and I talked about how cute it would be to make Little Champ and her daughter costumes that went together.

In a couple of hours, I whipped up Aladdin and Jasmine costumes for them:

There was a Halloween rainbow! (Notice that LT is located at the end of the rainbow…)

My neighbor had found the headband for baby E @ a county fair (or was it a festival? I don’t know). We had already played around with the Aladdin & Jasmine idea. Isn’t it perfect?

It was chilly outside after the rain, hence the white onesies under their costumes. Plus, I don’t think babies need to be exposing that much skin!

Little Champ was not very nice to Abu and ripped off his Fez halfway down the street.

Since it was cold and wet, Little Champ lucked out and got to ride in the stroller instead of walking. Baby E isn’t walking yet. They had a pretty nice set up as we walked to the houses of people we knew and showed them off. We had a pretty good set up, too, because people kept giving us candy and the babies are too young to eat it. ;)

For photos of Little Champ’s 2010 costumes, click here.

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