Homecoming 2011

Wondering where I’ve been the past few weeks?

Getting ready for my favorite Marine to come home!

After 7 months—216 days—my husband is home from Afghanistan. It wasn’t the first time we had been apart, and it wasn’t the longest, but any military wife can tell you that no separation is easy! But we have come away from this stronger and more in love than ever. In fact, if we had been spending more time in public the past few days, we may have left some onlookers nauseated.

What can I say? I’m crazy about this man! It’s been so good having my best friend home again. I can assure you, we have been very silly.

As for Little Champ, he is officially a Daddy’s boy now. I have never seen him so happy.


4 thoughts on “Homecoming 2011

  1. Aw! I’m just going through and cleaning up my subscription list, which is way too crazy at 184 subscriptions. In cases where I can’t remember offhand who someone is, I’m clicking the link to see their blog . . . which, in this case, was such a gift! YAY for you guys! ♥

    Such beautiful pictures, too.

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