August 2011 in Photos (pre-Irene)

This has probably been the most chaotic, crazy, stressful month of LT’s deployment.

It started with the failing health of my beloved computer, Bogart.

You may or may not remember when Little Champ threw up on my keyboard. Apparently I didn’t blog about it? Anyway, as a result of that lovely event, my arrow keys didn’t work. Now, I’m glad at least the “enter” and “space” keys worked, but as a person who is constantly editing text and tweaking designs, arrow keys are pretty important.

Also, the power cord looked as if it had been gnawed through by a pack of rabid wolverines and then trampled by wildebeest.

Don’t worry, I have this same desktop on my beautiful, HD, 2011 Macbook Pro, Charlemagne.

I have also bedecked him with a keyboard cover and hard case. He really is gorgeous. And was ridiculously expensive.

That same week, both of our cars had problems. The A/C went out in our Jeep, and our Dodge’s engine exploded. (I am very attune to the mechanisms of automobiles. Apparently something is wrong with our A/C that no one knows how to fix. They can’t find a leak, and I’ve had it flushed more than the toilet in our guest bathroom. As for the Dodge, part of the engine blew off due to pressure. High-temp, high-grade epoxy wouldn’t hold it on. Instead of spending $500, LT is going to fix it when he gets home. If he can fix it, it will cost $30.)

I also got completely swamped with volunteer work. People don’t seem to realize that when you volunteer for something, that doesn’t make that thing priority over absolutely everything else in your life.

I was getting 45 VERY IMPORTANT—READ IN ITS ENTIRETY, CHANGE WHATEVER YOU HAD BEEN WORKING ON, AND RESPOND HALF AN HOUR AGO—emails every day. (It’s significantly better now…probably because the hurricane knocked out power all over the state…)

So when I wasn’t driving around in a faulty car trying to get something fixed or replaced, and when I wasn’t being driven like a mule doing crazy “volunteer” work, I spent time with my Little Champ.

He’s getting so big! And he makes me laugh and smile every day.

I mean, who can look at a face like that and NOT forget everything else in the world?

And who wouldn’t laugh when she changed her baby and found a toy radio zipped into his pajamas?

There was a baby and a radio (left) in those jammies (right).

Sometimes I had revelations…

Like how wonderful clear little bags are for toting around baby toys when traveling, and keeping them from getting lost (left). Or like using some scrap vinyl I had  as a drop cloth (right) instead of forking up $30 for a glorified piece of plastic that wouldn’t have fit anyway.

Sometimes Little Champ was as pooped as I was.

He was actually awake, eating Cheerios like this.


I am so happy Little Champ can feed himself now.

Not that there aren’t messes to clean up. Or theatrics…

I still feed him at meal times. Sometimes he doesn’t want to let go of the spoon (left), and when he was feeling yucky and so very tired, I let him have a banana before nap(right).

Guess who sort of gets sippy cups now?

He’s really excited. But not as excited as I am, since he refused to take a bottle. Know what this means? Mommy and Daddy can go away for the weekend and leave him with Granddad and Grandma! Honeymoooooooon!

Growing up also means more clothes. Old ones he still manages to fit into (3-6) and new ones that he just barely fills out (12 months).

American flag swimming trunks.

Sweater vest.

Hipster glasses.

He’s such a big boy, he now styles his own hair and grabs The Complete Works of Shakespeare off the shelf.

He’s got some new favorite toys:

His walker (or a box, or a carton, or a block) that he can push across the floor (left) and a sheet to play peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek and let’s-both-get-under-this-like-it’s-a-tent games with.

He really likes to practice his walking for when Daddy comes home.

So I took him outside for a try on the open road.

But then he saw he was not alone. He was being followed. By a really scary lawn mower that was only three yards away. Three backyards, anyway.

So we relocated to the front yard.

to be continued…


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