My A-Z biography, by Google Chrome

So I saw this little meme on this blog and thought I’d take a whack at it.

I guess you type in each letter, A-Z, and see what website Google Chrome suggests for you.

Warning: This post will suck up minutes, perhaps hours, of your time. Unless you can resist clicking on all of the links…OH THE TEMPTATION


no surprise here, since this is where I buy 90% of everything I buy. And if I don’t buy it on Amazon, I check reviews on Amazon first.

P.S. If you are a student or a new mom, you can get Amazon Prime for free, for a specified amount of time. You can do “Amazon Mom” if you are a dad with a new baby or if you have a new grandbaby, too. Read about Amazon Mom here. Read about Amazon Student here. (I wish I had known about Amazon student when I was still in school! I probably would have spent a lot more $$ though…)

B–Bewildered Mother. As in the blog you are reading at this very moment.

That would be cool if you typed “B” in your Google Chrome browser and it brought you here. Just sayin’

C–Colour Lovers

“C” actually suggested another website I manage, but if I told you what that was, it would give away my secret identity. Can’t have that.

Anyway: Colourlovers. So much prettiness.


The precursor to “Pinterest.” I currently have 1653 bookmarks tagged on this baby. Pros: You can easily tag something with multiple tags, and they can be kept private (unlike Pinterest, which I wouldn’t suggest using to save gift ideas or something else meant to be a secret, like a compilation of resources on how to remove bacne.)


*Ahem* You should check out this shop. A little bird told me the owner is going to be posting some really cool stuff in the next month. Such as silhouette art. Like this:

That's LT and me, if you hadn't figured that out yet.

I have no shame.

F–I’m just going to take a wild guess and say “Facebook”

And it’s Facebook!

G–Graphics Fairy

I don’t know if I should give you the URL for this link. You might make cool things with some of the same awesome images I like and become a success on Etsy. And then I would have an identity crisis again.

Oh okay, fine. But only because I love you (platonically).

I’m having more fun adding links in too many places than I am doing this meme.

H–Home Depot

Probably because I was looking at bead board for our bedroom makeover. I can’t wait to show you what our room will look like when it’s done! But first I need to start. And before I start, I need to take a “Before” photo. And before I take a before photo, I need to clean our room and fold laundry.

In other words, it’s going to be a really long time.

Hyperbole and a Half is pretty hilarious. This is my favorite, because it pretty much sums up how I was as a small child. I know, I have something coming to me.


Just because I was looking at bookshelves for our room. We will be going the Walmart variety (I betcha that’s “W”). Any other week, Chrome would suggest IMDB.


bahahahahahaha. I have no idea why that was suggested.

[Glances at reading list…looks through gallery…]

Ah. Okay, Google. Gotcha. Some similarities in interests between this person and myself.

This is pretty awesome, for example.


Unfortunately she is unavailable to take photos for LT’s homecoming. But that’s okay! Since his homecoming got pushed back, a great photographer that lives down the street from me CAN take the pictures!

L–Grooveshark (

Lately I have been listening to Boyce Avenue. Here’s a playlist of my faves.

M–Gmail (

Yep. This week I have gotten 10-40 emails each day of SUPER HIGH IMPORTANCE having to do with my volunteer work with the Officers’ Wives’ Club. Hence my non-blogging lately.


My newest Netflix Instant addiction is Eureka, but I stopped watching it after the first few episodes because I think LT would like it (so I want to watch it with him). Best show on Netflix or in the history of television EVER? Sherlock. Watch it. Come back in four and a half hours and read O-Z then. This blog will still be here, promise.

Erm, unless you are at work or something. Then don’t watch Sherlock until you get home.


My friend’s website. She is an upcoming author, and just finished a manuscript! I took the photos for her site.


LOVE. Another way to waste time on pretty things. Here’s my profile, where you can get a sneak peek at how I’ll style our bedroom or Little Champ’s Narnia Nursery.

But if I were searching on my phone, the result would be PostSecret. Which just uploaded. MUST RESIST. MUST FINISH THIS MEME

(P.S. PostSecret is about posting secrets. Therefore it can be very “raw” at times—viewer discretion advised. Definitely PG-13)

Hold on, why didn’t Pandora even show up? I am on Pandora all the time. Like the whole five hours I have been doing this meme. (hyperbole there)


Again, never seen this before. And I’m guessing Google is recommending it because it is a blogspot (Google-owned) blog.

But it’s got a lot of photos, so you’ve got to like that.


I’ve been using a lot of stock images lately.


I’ve been using A LOT of stock images lately.


I usually only read/tweet at the end of the day, when I am giving Little Champ his last feeding. Still, I like Twitter more than Facebook for communicating. @bewilderedmom




That makes more sense.


W-told you.


Oh dear, today’s is not child friendly.

Still, I can smile because I’m married. It’s allowed!


This is one of my favorite youtube videos, ever.

For other things that make me laugh, this is where I collect videos, images, and links that cause me to chuckle or guffaw.

In the comments, you should post your favorite youtube video. BUT YOU ONLY GET ONE CHOICE.

Z–Zimbio (online magazine)

Google Images brought me here today. Never heard of it before.

I’m done!!!!! And you survived as well!

All these “Links” made me think of another video


One thought on “My A-Z biography, by Google Chrome

  1. Halloo and thanks for the pingback! So lovely to see you make so much more of the idea, too :-)

    Here’s my favourite Youtube vid. It says it’s 9.30 but the bit that matters is only 5.30. Being a musician and singer myself, I wish I’d known about this at the time so I could participate!


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