Identity Crises

Yes, it’s plural.

A few days ago I discovered that a new Marine wife will be coming to town that does everything that I do and has similar interests (Yes, I did some Facebook stalking. You’ve done it, too!). Did I think to myself, hey! look! someone who is similar to me! Maybe we can be friends!

Oh no. First, people who are too similar to me usually annoy me. Second, I instead thought to myself OH SWEET HEAVENS I AM GOING TO BE REPLACED.

Self esteem issues, much? The testosterone in me makes me highly competitive when it comes to shared abilities, and the estrogen makes me compare myself to others constantly. Why do we do that? Hmmm.

But I am a mommy to the cutest baby and have the sexiest husband known to womankind, so I’m not getting too down on myself. Is that vain? I prefer “thankful for what one has.”

Now, I wasn’t planning on blogging about  that mini identity crisis until today I discovered IDENTITY CRISIS THE SECOND. That is, the second one in a week. My mother informs me that I had frequent episodes as an overacheiving elementary schooler, especially when the teacher didn’t call on me. So it’s probably technically IDENTITY CRISIS THE SIXTIETH.

What caused my newfound identity crisis?

See, I’ve been blogging since I found out I was pregnant in 2010 using bewilderedmother.

My twitter account is shortened, like all twitter things, to bewilderedmom.

I’m sure I have other accounts that are bewilderedmom, too. But I was trying to create an account on and linked my twitter account, but they informed me that BEWILDEREDMOM is taken.

Weh-he-hell. Let me go see who this person is. It is a MOM BLOGGER who writes at BEWILDEREDMOM.COM.

I am sure she is a wonderful, sweet mommy. But it did give me quite a bit of satisfaction to see that her blog started in January of 2011, one year after I started bewilderedMOTHER. It also gave me satisfaction that she’s going to have to tweet under a different name.

Don’t worry, this won’t be the beginning to a blog feud. I may be competitive, but I am also introverted. The competition is all in my head, in other words. Like when you are sitting in the passenger’s seat and your dad is driving, and you come to a stop light parked next to some teenage boy, and when the light turns green, Dad speeds off like it’s the Indy500, and the teenager didn’t know they were racing. Like that.

In fact, I will even bury the hatchet and offer a peace offering like the pilgrims and Native Americans didn’t actually do by telling you all to check out her blog.

Because let’s face it, all moms are bewildered.


P.S. I anticipate a Madre Perpleja blog in January 2012



4 thoughts on “Identity Crises

  1. I do the same thing when I see someone else with a platinum blonde pixie. And YES, I will admit that it’s vain.

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