Little Champ up North: A story in photos

When Little Champ was nine months old, his mommy brought him to the magical land of Minnesota.

They went to the zoo.

Little Champ saw his first tiger.

He liked the tiger best of all.

They went to the library.

And Little Champ made a new friend.

Mommy showed Little Champ where she and Daddy fell in love.

Little Champ had playdates with lots of girl babies in Minnesota.

He got to see grown up girls, too.

In fact, Little Champ was picked up by a whole slew of women.

He played with lots of toys—old and new, little…

And BIG.

He got to see all of Mommy’s grandmas and grandpas.

He swung in the swing.

He showed off his teeth.

He took a bath…in the SINK!

He got a big boy haircut at the salon.

He looked cool like Daddy.

He went swimming.

He played with Mommy’s cousins…

and made everybody smile when he did the Army crawl across the floor.

He got lots of puppy kisses!

But he didn’t solve the Rubik’s Cube.

He got to see Grandma and Granddad!

People took lots of pictures.

They wanted to remember his first trip up North.


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