look alikes

This is the most recent photo of me, wearing my new “Doctor Hoo” shirt (Doctor Who, owls…two of my most favorite things).

Today I was stopped by a stranger and told that I looked like Lisa Loeb. Then he proceeded to sing, “You say, I only hear what I want to. Youuuuu…saaaay…I only hear what I want to.”

Image: Justine Ungaro & SOTA Dzine

Okay, brown hair, black glasses. I get it. I’ll take what I can get, considering that the last time anybody said I looked like someone else, he (it’s always men!) said that I looked like an undead school girl from Hogwarts.

Moaning Myrtle. Thanks. You couldn’t have said, “that girl who happens to play  Moaning Myrtle but is actually quite normal-looking in real life and also plays Jude in Bridget Jones’s Diary and Ursula from ‘Love and Monsters’ (Doctor Who ep), among others”??

No, no. I remind him of the ghost who likes to spy on bathing teenage wizards.

This is the face you will wake up to, Harry Potter.

I suppose men feel more free to express these awkward comparisons, especially to complete strangers.

P.S. Both of these celebrities are older than my mother.

P.P.S. I just remembered, someone also once compared me to Sarah Palin.

Question: Are glasses and hair color all people see?

Because my eyes reject contacts (even the sensitive kind), and there is no way I could handle getting my retinas zapped by a laser like LT did.

And though I have colored my hair once or twice, it’s never been permanent because I don’t want to damage my hair even further than it already is.

Fun Fact: I only color my hair when cosplaying non-brunette characters. I’ve sported blonde wigs for Rose Tyler and Galadriel, and dyed my hair red/auburn for Donna Noble and Mary Jane Watson. (unapologetic NERD)

If glasses and hair color are the only things people seem to see, can I at least get an “Ingrid Michaelson” or someone else in the under-40s?

Ingrid Michaelson, who isn’t a grandmother.

I’m so vain, this post has been entirely about me. How about you?

Have you ever awkwardly been compared to someone?


7 thoughts on “look alikes

  1. Once my roommate put a gorgeous picture of herself in to one of those celebrity look-alike websites and came back as Michelle Branch. Then she found the 2nd worst picture ever taken of me (the worst happens to be on my passport), and my dopplelganger: Elton John. Turns out we have very similar eyeglasses.

    • I’ll take that as a compliment. Emily Mortimer is adorable. And 3 years younger than my mother.

      (My mom is not old, and she is lovely. Still, she is one generation removed from me, obviously)

  2. A senior citizen in the opticians office in Rifle said I looked like Monica Lewinsky. I was 13. My mom just burst out laughing in my face. Not one of my finest moments. :(

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