Confessions of a Slob: Bathroom

I’m typing y’all from Colorado, where Little Champ and I are spending 2 weeks with my family. Before I left NC, however, I cleaned like a complete madwoman, because 1) I had a friend coming to house sit and didn’t want her to keel over from shock as soon as she opened up the door, 2) I did not want to come home to a messy house, and 3) every time I entered the master bath, I had a nano-heart-attack.

The previous couple of weeks had been so crazy, I hadn’t had any time to organize my bathroom. Not that it was organized in the first place. Our old apartment (which we moved from over a year ago) had drawers and tons of shelf space in a large closet in the bathroom. I like our new bathroom a whole lot more, except for the storage. Floor-level cabinets and fake. drawers. Don’t even get me started on how much I loathe faux-drawers. (It would go something like this: MY BATHROOM IS A LIE!!!!)

Anyway, when we moved, I was quite largely pregnant. This pregnant:

Couch shopping with LT

and I had no time or motivation to pack the entire apartment up in an orderly manner. Conclusion: I threw all of the bathroom stuff into a couple of paper bags and a box, to organize when I got to my new home. Unfortunately, the new home had only vast, dark chasms of cabinets that I would have to bend over or squat to organize. If you’ve ever been or seen a pregnant woman, you know that squatting and bending over are not high on the “this requires little to no effort” list.

Nearly a year after we moved in, everything was still buried in a paper bag. I started pulling things out to do my hair, because now that Little Champ actually took naps or could amuse himself for a minute, I had time to do something other than comb half of my hair!

And yet, I’d be putting eye shadow over one lid when Little Champ would scream as if somebody had run over his puppy. Quick, smear it on the other side, throw it on the bathroom counter, and scoop up my separation-anxious child.

Repeat that with combs, curling irons, soap refills, and hair spray, and continue for two weeks, and this is the explosive result:

So terrifying even the cockroaches were afraid to show up. (I kid not)

Scary indeed. But I took my paralyzing fear and turned it into the fear that compels into ACTION!

Problem: No place for anything.

SOLUTION: Over the door shoe organizer. 11 bucks at Walmart.

A place for everything and everything in its place!

Problem: Everything hidden and out of reach.

SOLUTION: Making things shallow (in a good way) by adding shelves and wide containers.

Since I didn’t have shelves, just deep dark cabinets, things were either piled on top of each other or pushed back out of sight. I needed to add a level to give me more surface area, less out of reach.

Shelf, $6 at Target. Plastic bins, $2-3 each at Big Lots. Brown baskets, $1 each at a dollar store

So I did some comparison shopping. The cheapest shelf I could find that would fit under the sink was at Target. I found some blue plastic bins at Big Lots (they used to have them in the dollar section of Target..I was too late!). The brown baskets I found at a dollar store to organize feminine products. These will go in the bath/toilet room after I build a shelf to house them, since I had no luck finding a tall, thin shelf that would work.

I love using the bins, because I can pull the whole thing out, use what I need, toss them back in the bin, and tuck the bin out of sight again. Plastic is also easier to clean than paper boxes or fabric containers.

Problem: Personal appliances taking up too much real estate

SOLUTION: Getting a plastic waste bin was perfect for keeping my hair dryer and curling irons and hair straighteners vertical. It also contains their cords (which I bound with rubber bands).

So, for less than $35, I have a nice, organized bathroom. I could have spent less buying used, but I wanted this to be a one-day project. With a baby in tow, going to 6 stores was plenty (I compare shopped. Many of these things aren’t listed online, so I physically checked a bunch of stores).

Men have it so easy. All LT needs is hair trimmers and a razor.

I bought a new soap dispenser at Ross for $2. Quite pleased, since my $10 one broke after a month. LAME. And I didn’t have the receipt. ALSO LAME BUT UNDERSTANDABLE.

*Sniff* Isn't it so beautiful?

After a victory like this, I proceeded to tackle the rest of the house, while Little Champ scooted behind me between rooms.

Mommy, please don't make me take a nap. Look! I'll help you clean!


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