Wedding: Part One

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to consolidate my favorite wedding photos into one post. Yeah, not going to happen. So, for the next three posts, you will be getting the scoop on our vintage-inspired, 2009 Minnesota Winter Wedding (yes, you read that right.)

Part One: Before the Ceremony

The Groom and groomsmen. LT is in the center, with C and J on the left, his brother S (best man) and F on the right.

LT’s brother is in the Navy. The other guys were in tuxes that they owned or rented. Bowties and no vests.

My dress was a vintage-inspired Oleg Cassini dress from David’s Bridal. Pearls were borrowed from my grandmother. I wanted flowers in my hair instead of a veil. These were from Michaels. My shoes were from Famous Footwear. It wasn’t easy finding flat, ivory dressy shoes!

I ordered wholesale anemones for our bouquets, but they didn’t open because of the cold (a warm 20 degrees). Thankfully my bridesmaids and I made some bouquets with fake flowers for the outside photos, and we ended up using those for the ceremony. Mine were large ivory and tan peonies, and theirs were fake anemones (gorgeous white flowers with black centers). We cut them to length, wrapped with floral tape, wrapped with thick blue ribbon, and embellished with thin white ribbon.

Left to right: A, my best friend from childhood; E, college roommate; me; R, matron of honor; L, college friend and C’s wife. E was a saint, and tried on dozens of dresses before we found these. They were perfect, and they cost less than 40 bucks! Wraps were from David’s Bridal.

We decided to take photos beforehand. This is after we saw each other the first time.

So ready to spend the rest of my life with this man. (Yes, that is a sword. A saber, technically.)

Photos by Beautiful Era. Location: Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens

Next: The Ceremony


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