Baby Food

I would love to make baby food for the little man. Unfortunately, with all the pizza and ice cream in our tiny little freezer (and frozen fruit…) we have no room for baby food, yet.

So in the meantime, I’m feeding my little man organic jarred baby food that was marked way down and on sale at Babies R Us. It also makes me happy, because then I get to reuse the baby jars later.

Also, I am relying on those awesome mesh feeders I talked about as a really easy way to give Baby J frozen fruit and veggies all the while soothing his teething gums and teaching him to self-feed. I got one from Babies R Us but they are available in two-packs from Amazon here.

The plan was to just start him on veggies before introducing the glory that is fruit, but now I am allowing him some as a treat or “dessert” after he eats the vegetables. As much of a meat-loving family we are, I think that a vegetarian diet is the healthiest out there, and I am not going to give him meat until he is no longer breastfed and is a toddler. Hopefully by then LT and I will be eating mostly fish and lean meats (I am already trying to limit red meats—though I love them so—to sit-down restaurants and pasta dishes).

If you are interested in making baby food for your young-un, here’s a blog post from Simply Thrifty that can help  you out.


One thought on “Baby Food

  1. Great post. Those baby food jars are great to thaw out frozen baby food cubes in the fridge. Hope you get to try the homemade version soon. You’ll love it too.

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